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Monthly Archives: November 2018


Essentials of Commercial Leases

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Commercial leases are used when the lessee wants to run or operate a business. The business can be a for-profit business or a non-profit. Commercial leases differ from residential leases in that the signer of the lease is not using location as a residence. Often, more legal protections are given to those who sign… Read More »

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Florida Medical Malpractice Claims

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Medical malpractice can devastate families and victims. Some types of medical error cause a patient to die. Other types may hasten death. Medical malpractice can leave a person disabled for life or in constant pain for life. Medical malpractice can then mean that surgeries are needed to correct the mistakes. If the errors can’t… Read More »

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How an Undue Influence Claim Can Invalidate a Will

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

There are several grounds why a Florida court may decide not to probate a will: There may be a subsequent will The testator may not have testamentary capacity to make a will The will may not have met proper formalities such as having multiple witnesses One common ground for denying probate is called “undue… Read More »

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Guardians of the Person and Property in Florida

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

The court appoints guardians of the person to help take care of people who can’t take care of themselves. In most cases, the court appoints guardians when their parents die, parents acquire a disability,  seniors get dementia or other serious problems, and people develop serious physical or mental health problems. The court also appoints… Read More »

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