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Monthly Archives: January 2019


How the Residential Eviction Process Works in Florida

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Florida Eviction overview Florida wants to provide the right balance between protecting tenants and landlords. The eviction process can be rough on tenants especially if it is because they don’t have money to pay the rent instead of for personal reasons. Landlords are running a business and have the right to be paid for… Read More »

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Selling a House When a Relationship Dispute Arises

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Relationship dispute overview when people disagree on how to sell their real property The right to sell real estate differs depending on who owns the property and how it’s titled. In this day and age, many couples buy homes without getting married first. People of the same gender may purchase a home. People of… Read More »

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Business Law and the Sale of a Business

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Experienced Florida business lawyers will begin any evaluation of the sale of a business by examining the legal structure of the business. Is the business a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation? If it’s a sole proprietorship, is it a professional business or a business that requires a license to operate it. If… Read More »

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Living Trust or Probate – Pros and Cons

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Estate planning for seniors, for parents who have children with special needs, and for anyone else includes considering the possibility of using a living trust. A living trust is something that is formed while the person who is distributing his/her assets is still alive. An irrevocable living trust means that changes to the trust… Read More »

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What Is a Home Warranty and What Does It Cover?

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Home buyers should buy title insurance when they buy a home. Title insurance covers any legal claims that the buyer may not have clear legal title to the house, duplex, condo, or other home unit. Buyers should also try to buy homes that meet the local building codes instead of buying homes ‘as is.’… Read More »

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Steps Involved in Selling a Home

By Lulich Attorneys & Consultants |

Homeowners can sell their homes in one of two ways. Most homeowners use a broker. The broker lists the property for sale, helps establish the listing price, invites prospective buyers to see the home, helps review the condition of the home and what repairs might be needed, and helps negotiate the sales price. Real… Read More »

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