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FAQ Car Accident Claim Issues

canstockphoto40847378Every car accident claim raises a lot of questions for the accident victim and the victim’s family. An experienced Florida car accident lawyer is happy to answer your FAQ car accident claim questions. He’ll answer the ones that aren’t frequently asked too. Your Florida car accident lawyer guides you through each phase of the case

Common FAQ car accident claim questions

Should I wait to see a doctor?

No. You should go to the ER or your personal doctor as soon as possible. Delay can hurt you three ways. First, you are not getting the medial help you need. Early care can help identify your medical condition. Review by doctors helps your start the treatment you need. Second, if you delay, the insurance company may claim you’re healthy. They’ll say you’re just trying to build your claim. Third, and this is very important. You cannot claim PIP payments over $2,500 unless you seek medical treatment within the first 14 days of the accident. If you wait more than 14 days, even if you have a severe medical condition, you won’t be able to get your full PIP benefits

Who pays for my medical bills?

Florida is no-fault car accident case. Florida car owners must have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. PIP pays 80% of your medical bills and lost wages up to $10,000. MedPay pays the extra 20%. MedPay can also pay up to an additional $5,000 if you pay the premiums. You must meet the time and emergency medical condition requirement to claim PIP and MedPay over $2,5000.

The liability insurance for the defendants pays your medical bills that aren’t covered by PIP if the defendant caused the accident. Defendants include other car owners, car part manufacturers who made defective products, and others.

If there isn’t enough liability insurance or the defendant didn’t have liability insurance, you can demand that your UM/UIM insurance carrier pay your medical bills.

Until your case is settled or there’s a jury verdict, your health insurance company should pay your medical bills.

Will my insurance rates increase?

That’s a FAQ car accident claim question. Many people ask it. If you did not cause the car accident, your insurance rates generally should not go up because you filed a claim.

Do I need to speak with the insurance company for the car that hit me?

No. You should not speak with the other driver’s insurance carrier. You should hire an experienced Florida car accident lawyer. The lawyer will prepare your claim and negotiate any settlements. Insurance adjusters will try to get you say things that can hurt you.  They will try to get you to make a fast settlement. Once you settle your claim, you can’t renegotiate.

How is my case valued?

This is perhaps the most common FAQ car accident claim question. Your lawyer will demand damages for the following:

  • All your medical bills minus what PIP and MedPay pay. This includes hospital surgeries, visits to doctors, time with therapists, and sessions with psychologists. It also includes diagnostic tests, prescription costs, and the cost of medical devices.
  • Your lost income minus what PIP and MedPay paid. This includes your lost wages to date. It also includes the money you can’t earn because you have a disability or can’t work the same job.
  • Pain and suffering. This is the compensation for your daily agony and worries. It includes the changes in your quality of life
  • Property damage. This is normally the cost to fix your car. If your car was totaled, you can claim the cost to replace it.
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