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Florida Car Insurance and PIP

Florida car insurance requirements include having personal injury protection insurance (PIP). PIP insurance pays a good portion of your medical expenses and income loss up to a preset limit if you are in an accident. PIP is also known as no-fault insurance. This is because your PIP carrier is required to pay benefits regardless of who caused the accident.

Florida car owners and drivers should also make sure they carry MedPay insurance. This  is supplemental Florida car insurance that generally pays the portion of your medical bills and wage loss that PIP doesn’t pay – up to the preset limit. MedPay should also cover your deductible. You can also get an additional $5,000 in coverage.

What does Florida car insurance PIP pay?

Florida PIP covers the following bills and losses:

  • Hospital bills and surgeries
  • Doctor visits
  • Medication
  • Rehabilitation and therapy
  • The cost of the ambulance
  • Diagnostic test expenses

Florida PIP  only covers 80% of these bills up. In addition, it only pays up to $2,500 unless your injuries qualify as an emergency. If you meet the emergency test, then Florida PIP pays up to 80% of $10,000 in expenses. PIP does not cover some medical expenses such as acupuncture.

Florida PIP also pays  up to 60% of lost wages up to $10,000 in losses. Wage loss includes more than just the salary and income you lose. PIP benefits also cover money you need to spend to manage your  injuries – such as paying someone to do your  chores because you can’t walk, can’t lift your arm, or some other legitimate health reason.

Florida PIP coverage also includes up to $5,000 in funeral related expenses.

PIP filing requirements

Car accident victims do need to file their claim for PIP benefits almost immediately:

  • Treatment deadline. You must seek medical treatment within two weeks of the accident. Generally, the insurance claim must pay your PIP benefits within 30 days.
  • Wage loss timeline. Your employer needs to verify your wage loss. Your doctor may need to verity you can’t work. Normally, you need to show how much you were earning in the four months prior to filing.

Additional PIP formalities and options

When you apply for Florida car insurance, $10,000 is the maximum Florida car insurance PIP coverage. It’s also the minimum. You can reduce the premium by waiving the  work loss benefit. You also need to decide which drivers and household members are covered.

In Florida, you can still sue the people the caused your injuries – provided your medical bills are $10,000 or more. When you file a claim against a third-party, you can demand damages for physical pain and emotional suffering. Pain and suffering includes your inability to enjoy life. It cover your daily aches and hurts. Pain and suffering  covers your anxiety, depression, and worries. Most accident victims worry about whether they will get better. They worry how their pain is affecting their family.

Your car accident claim also includes any medical bills and lost wages not covered by PIP or MedPay. If your medical bills are less than $10,000, you can’t sue for pain and suffering.

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