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Vero Beach Wills

Vero Beach Will Attorneys

Call or stop by Lulich Attorneys & Consultants on 21st Street in Vero Beach for a simple will to establish your legacy and distribute your property after you are gone. Our experienced Vero Beach estate planning attorneys can draft a will for you and your spouse, along with other related documents according to your needs and desires, such as a testamentary trust clause, living wills, and durable powers of attorney.

What Makes a Valid Will in Florida

A Florida will must meet certain legal requirements to be accepted into probate as valid. The testator, or person making the will, must be at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor, and must be “of sound mind.” The will must either be signed at the end by the testator personally or by another person in the presence of and in the direction of the testator. Two witnesses must also sign the will in the presence of each other and the testator. The witnesses are attesting to the signing of the will by the testator or the testator’s acknowledgement that the testator either signed the will or had another sign at the testator’s direction.

Oral wills generally are not valid in Florida, and neither are wills that are written entirely in the testator’s handwriting (as opposed to being typed). Oral wills are technically known as nuncupative wills, and handwritten wills are called holographic wills. However, a will that is written entirely in the handwriting of the testator but is also signed and witnessed according to the above requirements is not considered a holographic will and may be accepted as valid under Florida law.

Why You Need a Will

A will is the simplest way to distribute your property and possessions to your heirs after you are gone. Having a valid will is necessary to avoid intestacy (dying without a will), in which case the state of Florida decides who gets your property. A will is also important for naming a guardian for your minor children, or to establish a trustee to manage gifts to your minor children or grandchildren through a testamentary trust clause.

Living Will

A will is also vital to protect your own interests in the event you become either temporarily or permanently incapacitated, either physically or mentally, and are unable to completely take care of yourself or your financial or legal affairs. Through provisions such as living wills and powers of attorney, you can rest assured that any decisions regarding your health care or personal affairs will be made according to your wishes by people you know and trust. Without these documents in place, the court may have to impose a guardianship over you, with important personal decisions being made by someone whom you may not even know.

When You Should Call Lulich Attorneys & Consultants in Vero Beach

Estate planning is for everyone. Regardless of your age or circumstances, if you don’t have a will, you should call Lulich Attorneys & Consultants in Vero Beach. If you already have a will, keep in mind that your estate plan should be reviewed and possibly updated from time to time. Tax laws change, and life events can make your will outdated or obsolete. People die and new family members are born; minor children grow up; some marry and some divorce. Changes like these can be inconsistent with the terms of your will, or make you change your mind about where you want your property to go.

In order to modify a will, or to revoke a will and replace it with a new one, you have to follow very specific rules and requirements if you want your changes to be valid and immune from attack from persons who may not like the changes you made. Lulich Attorneys & Consultants provide sound practical advice and skillful assistance in making sure your wishes will be carried out.

Help is Available from Skilled and Knowledgeable Vero Beach Estate Planning Attorneys

If you live in Vero Beach and do not have a will, or if you moved here from another state or live elsewhere but own property in Florida, call Lulich Attorneys & Consultants for helping drafting or revising a will that meets your needs and desires now and for future generations.

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