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Sebastian Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Sebastian Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys have seen extremely fatal injuries and deaths as a result of accidents.  According to the Department of Transportation, in 2012 there were 4,957 motorcyclists killed, which was a 7% increase from 2011. Motorcycle fatalities are extremely common for bikers in Florida, whether it is due to Bike Week in Daytona or because of the tropical, world-renowned weather. Florida Motorcycle Rider Fatalities ranked the highest in the nation with 455 accidents, being 10% of the total reported accidents from the department of transportation. Of those drivers, 27 had a reported BAC of .08+ and 36 of those drivers. Please be cautious in March, April, and May because this is when a good percentage of the accidents occur!

Top Causes of a Motorcycle Accident

  1. Left Turn Accidents: is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. Vehicles going straight will in most circumstances have the right of way. It is up to the individual making the left turn to use caution when making this left turn to avoid any accidents.
  2. Speeding: speeding not only puts a motorcyclist at risk, but also puts others in a compromised situation. It is difficult for drivers to ascertain the speed that a motorcycle travels.
  3. Intoxication: intoxicated drivers operate motorcycles with an impaired judgment. Therefore They are not as quickly to make traffic stops as they would normally without alcohol.
  4. Sudden Stops: are a major cause of motorcycle accidents. These sudden stops by motorcyclists are dangerous since regular vehicles are not able to stop as fast as a motorcycle. Make sure to keep your room when driving on the road and not to tailgate to closely to the vehicle in front of you.

Steps to take Immediately After

  1. Assess for Injuries: determine if any of the involved parties are injured and call an ambulance if necessary.
  2. Police Report

    Call the Police: notify the police of the accident and go through the procedures of filing a police report of the accident.

  3. Stay at the Scene: do not leave the scene of the accident or you may be subject to criminal violations and face other consequences as well!
  4. Complete a Police Report and Exchange Information: provide your insurance information to the other party involved in the accident and give a detailed account of what happened to the officer
  5. Take Photos: make sure to document any injuries, damage, or other pertinent information with a photo.
  6. Contact your Insurance Company: let your insurance company know you were involved in an accident
  7. See a Medical Professional: within 14 days of your accident! Don’t delay this!

Consequences of an Accident

If you or someone you know has been injured in a Motorcycle Accident, you are well aware of the life changing consequences of such a grave accident. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the accident, motorcyclists are left with severe personal injuries or death occurring from an accident. Large medical bills and life-altering physical conditions don’t even begin to describe the experience.

Consult one of our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

The of Lulich Attorneys & Consultants have a 30-year reputation of representing and protecting the interests of motorcycle accident victims throughout Palm Bay, Sebastian, and Vero Beach Florida. Our aggressive team of attorneys knows how to fight the insurance companies and to get the compensation that a motorcycle accident victim is entitled to! We are ready to advise you or your family!

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