Insurance Laws may change… how do they effect you?

Insurance Laws may change… how do they effect you? Rather than creating a situation in which you have to spend hours in a courtroom deciding on whose fault an auto accident is, Florida has had Personal Injury Protection (PIP). This Auto Insurance Law has been in place for the last 50 years in Florida. Fewer than a dozen states in the United States have no-fault auto insurance, but Florida is one of them. The original idea behind this Auto Insurance Law (PIP) was to compensate those injured for up to $10,000 regardless of whose fault the accident is. PIP does not come from the other driver’s insurance, rather it is paid out by yours instead.

Florida’s Auto Insurance Law on PIP

In April of 2017, Florida lawmakers moved to get rid of PIP and to change the current auto insurance laws. According to auto insurance and medical experts, claims for PIP in Florida are through the roof. One of the reasons that PIP is out of control may be fraud. Drivers who are injured in an accident do not have to go to court to seek compensation, and therefore, the ability and inclination to manipulate Florida’s insurance companies is high.

Reasons to Keep PIP Auto Insurance Law

While PIP has its drawbacks, there are reasons to keep it in place. If you own an automobile and it is insured, you can file a PIP claim with your insurance provider after an accident to receive compensation. In Florida, you must receive medical treatment within 14 days of being injured in an auto accident. A claim cannot be made if the treatment occurred after the 14-day window. If you were injured in a relative’s automobile and they are insured, you can file a PIP compensation claim through the relative’s insurance company. However, you must be living with the relative at the time of the accident. Keeping PIP can help those in need of compensation quickly, but if your medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of wages exceed $10,000, you may be in trouble.

How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help?

A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim for compensation for PIP. The minimum amount an injured person is entitled to in Florida is $2,500. In some cases, auto insurance companies will refrain from paying out those injured. These companies will look for loopholes that may not be fully understood by those seeking compensation. A personal injury attorney can help victims navigate the murky waters of insurance. You may not be in any condition to fight against an insurance company, so having a personal injury attorney who will go to bat for you is important when seeking compensation.

Do Your Medical Bills Exceed $10,000?

Once your medical bills exceed $10,000, you may have no other choice than to file a lawsuit. Again, this is where the expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney comes into play. Contacting an attorney right away will give you enough time to file the suit before it is too late. Depending on the accident and the time that has elapsed, you may have to pay bills or compensation to the other driver out of your own pocket.

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