Vero Beach Real Estate Document Prep Lawyer

You must execute all the paperwork properly if you’re investing your time and money into real estate. Errors in your documents could mean the difference between owning your home and owing someone else for the property you already paid for. Therefore, you need to know of several legal considerations and nuances when drafting real estate documents and ensure to edit and proof them.

 You can entrust your paperwork to a Vero Beach document prep lawyer at Lulich & Attorneys. We offer professional real estate document preparation services. Our attorneys deliver accurately prepared, thoroughly reviewed, and timely submitted documents to meet your deadlines. Call us today for a free consultation so we can discuss the documents you need.

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 What Sets Lulich & Attorneys Apart From Other Document Prep Services

Lulich & Attorneys does not offer run-of-the-mill document preparation services. Most legal document preparers will explicitly tell you that they do not have a law background—meaning they cannot represent you and they cannot give you legal advice. That may serve some clients, but many people seeking document preparation services also need guidance with their cases or real estate transactions.

With our law firm, you don’t have to settle for just document prep help. As real estate attorneys, we can provide the guidance and legal insight to facilitate your transaction or other real estate needs—even if you don’t choose to use our attorneys for your entire real estate process.

Our document prep attorneys can help you make the right choices for your unique situation. Our real estate law firm works to solve problems. The law may apply to everyone, but we believe in creating tailored legal solutions. You can’t get that with your typical document preparation company.

We Are a Title Company and Real Estate Law Firm

Not only do we provide legal representation and document preparation for your real estate transaction, our law firm also functions as a title company. For example, suppose you’re a buyer or seller closing on a property. In that case, we perform all the functions of a standalone title agency to officially transfer the title and successfully conclude the sale. We also ensure you know all the documents you need to keep after the closing.

As an attorney-led title company, our firm has the experience and ability to ensure the accurate, efficient handling of all your real estate documents.

Lulich & Attorneys has a reputation as professional real estate problem solvers in the area. We are a full-service law firm, and we also work with clients to resolve their legal needs in business, estate planning, debt, and personal injury cases.

For over 35 years, our firm has served Vero Beach with various legal issues. As a result, our community knows they can count on us to resolve their problems with a tailored approach. Whether preparing documents or legal cases, we proudly provide concierge-level service that is second to none.

Why You May Need a Vero Beach Document Prep Attorney

In some situations, what you don’t know can’t hurt you—but that’s rarely the case in real estate. With the complexity of these documents, you can easily overlook something or make a mistake. Unfortunately, these errors or oversights can end up costing you, your family, your business, and your bank account.

Learn more about why you may want to hire a Vero Beach attorney for your document prep.

Without a comprehensive understanding of the state’s real estate law and extensive hands-on experience conducting real estate transactions, you may not know which laws apply to you, what requirements to meet, the language to use, or which bases to cover. The ultimate effect is that your documents fail to meet their intended purpose, leaving you open to various risks.

Incorrectly prepared real estate documents can:

  • Expose you to liability
  • Open you up to criminal prosecution
  • Result in unnecessary government fines and fees
  • Cause you to lose your property
  • Give control of your property to someone else
  • Provide leverage other parties can use against you

Relying on your knowledge to draft these documents could prove a mistake. Title companies may overlook key details that will come back to haunt you years after the completion of a sale. A Vero Beach real estate document preparation lawyer can provide the combined benefit of being intimately familiar with real estate laws in the area and having years of experience handling real estate transactions.

Who Needs Real Estate Document Preparation?

Anyone who works in the real estate industry, owns a home, has real estate property investments, or plans to buy or sell a home can benefit from having a document prep lawyer in their corner.

Ideally, we help people or companies in the beginning phase of a real estate transaction. Hopefully, you haven’t drafted, signed, or filed any paperwork yet, but if you have, it’s not too late to bring in a real estate attorney to handle your documents. In some cases, an attorney from our firm could work to amend flawed documents and have them signed and resubmitted.

You may want to consider hiring a document prep lawyer serving Vero Beach if you are a:

  • Homebuyer
  • Homeowner
  • Landowner
  • Commercial property owner
  • Seller
  • Investor (new or seasoned)
  • Wholesaler
  • Real estate agent
  • Small business owner
  • Corporation
  • Non-profit or not-for-profit organization
  • Church, synagogue, or another religious establishment
  • Educational institution

What Can a Real Estate Document Prep Attorney at Lulich & Attorneys Do?

Our attorneys have experience in a wide array of real estate matters. We perform a variety of functions to serve our real estate clients. Some of our services include:

Drafting Documents

We create the documents you need to properly conduct business with other parties or file with the court. We tailor documents to meet your specifications and unique needs, and we always adhere to the requirements of state law to ensure they are legally valid and binding (where necessary).

Reviewing Documents

We thoroughly review the documents we prepare and those provided to you in your real estate transaction. We scrutinize both simple and complex documents for clarity and language. We also ensure they serve their intended purpose and include necessary stipulations, agreed-upon terms, and meet legal requirements. Additionally, we review forms to ensure that you have all important details properly filled out and that they contain accurate information.

Editing and Proofreading Documents

Once we have all the crucial content in the real estate document, we edit and proofread all of our contracts, forms, letters, and other documents for grammar, syntax, spelling, organization, flow, and clarity. Our lawyers understand that the little things can make a monumental difference when dealing with contracts.

For example, a simple typo can leave you with $45,000 instead of $450,000. An incorrect date can mean the expiration of a contract before its time. So, our attorneys carefully comb each document for anything amiss.

Amending Documents

If someone else already drafted your real estate documents and missed the mark or no longer meets your needs, our Vero Beach document prep lawyers can modify these documents accordingly. We could amend documents filed with the court or government agencies.

Filling out Forms

The document preparation attorneys at our law firm can also handle completing forms. This includes government-required forms at the local or state level, bank forms, and other forms required by parties in a real estate transaction.

Filing Documents With the Court

We handle the filing of legal documents with the court, ensuring they meet statutory deadlines in the state.

Submitting to Other Parties

Our job doesn’t end after we’ve drafted, reviewed, edited, proofread, or amended your paperwork. We can also deliver the files to the appropriate party via electronic communication, fax, or mail.

Types of Documents We Prepare at Our Vero Beach Law Firm

Vero Beach Real Estate Document Prep Lawyer

If you’re selling a property, buying a property, amending a deed, transferring a contract, or anything in between, Lulich & Attorneys can assist you.

Our law firm serving Vero Beach can prepare a range of real estate documents for your situation, including:

  • Real estate purchase agreement
  • Closing disclosure
  • Seller’s affidavit
  • Tax declarations
  • Quitclaim deeds
  • Warranty deeds
  • Ladybird deeds
  • Corrective deeds
  • Enhanced life estate deeds
  • Joint tenancy agreements
  • Tenancy in Common agreements
  • Eviction documents
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Lease agreements
  • Power of attorney
  • Release of liens

The above does not constitute an exhaustive list. Our Vero Beach document prep lawyers work with many real estate documents and documents for other areas of law. If you require anything you do not see listed here, a legal team member can provide more detailed information about the documents we handle.

Ways Our Attorney-Led Title Company Can Handle Your Document Prep

The primary duties our real estate lawyers undertake as a title company include:

Researching Chain of Title

It’s our job to ensure that the seller you’re doing business with is the only legal owner of the property. Therefore, we perform a thorough search for the property’s full history of ownership. If we find undisclosed owners, we can advise you of your options.

Researching Ownership Claims

A real estate lawyer at our firm can search for any potential ownership claims from the seller’s family members, heirs, or neighbors. Unexpected claims to the property could pose a risk to your ownership down the line.

Searching for Existing Liens

To ensure no surprise debts threaten your ownership, we search for existing liens against the property. If we find unpaid property taxes, contractor payments, or judgments, we need to address this right away. These liens may give lien holders a right to the profits from the sale of your home to recover debts owed to them.

Conducting a Property Survey

A Vero Beach real estate lawyer and document preparer at our firm can also run property surveys. The state requires that you ensure the property you’re purchasing is the only one occupying the space. So, for instance, you’ll need to know if the neighbor’s shed stands on your property.

Closing the Sale

Our title company can handle the closing of your home sale, also called the settlement. One of our real estate attorneys can review your closing documents, finalize the dead, and transfer the title. They’ll also explain your obligations and break down the content of your documents.

Issuing Title Insurance

As a title company, we ultimately issue the title insurance for your home purchase. Title insurance provides financial protection if title issues affect the sale. For example, if someone surfaces with a claim to the property after the completion of the sale, you’ll need to protect your investment in the property should the claim prove valid, and you’re out of a home.

We issue two types of title insurance: one for the buyer and one for the lender. The buyer’s insurance is known as an owner’s policy. It safeguards your financial interests against any challenges you could face with the property’s title. The lender’s policy, also called a loan policy, covers the loan amount given for the home purchase.

Call Lulich & Attorneys for a Vero Beach Document Prep Lawyer Today

Lulich & Attorneys offers you a Vero Beach real estate lawyer, a title company, and the convenience of having it all in one place. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your legal needs and how we can help you solve your problems: (772) 589-5500.

Professional document preparation can prove essential to ensuring your real estate transaction progresses quickly and smoothly. Additionally, if you need legal advice as you navigate your situation, you don’t have to settle for just getting document help. Whether you are a seller, buyer, or commercial property owner, we can work with you to meet all your real estate document needs.

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