Skilled Vero Beach, Florida Contract Dispute Attorneys

Every business needs legal counsel to handle disputes with other businesses, contractors, vendors, customers, and others. Skilled business lawyers help draft contracts that reduce the risk of disputes and help clarify how disputes will be handled. When disputes do occur, you need seasoned business lawyers who understand when to negotiate disputes and when to litigate disputes.

Some of the many types of business disputes that our Vero Beach and Sebastian lawyers handle include:

  • A breach of contract. These disputes arise because one of the parties to the dispute doesn’t fulfill its obligations. Landlords may need to file claims against consumers who don’t pay the rent. Businesses may need to file a complaint to collect damages when a customer fails to pay for his/her purchases – such as when a consumer pays a few initial installment payments and then stops paying. Vendors may not provide the goods and services they promised. In some cases, the tenant, consumer, or another party to the contract files a claim against the business.
  • Disputes between partners. Partners should have a written partnership agreement to resolve disputes. A partner may not be fulfilling his/her obligations under the partnership. Some partners may file a complaint against other partners for financial benefits, for control of the partnership, for the right to leave the partnership, and for other reasons.
  • Covenants not to compete. A business may have a dispute with a former employee who violates the terms of a contract not to compete in the same business in the same location. Covenants not to compete are usually reviewed very strictly.
  • Liability complaints. Businesses can be held liable in a personal injury claim if someone falls on their property due to the failure of the business to look for common dangers such as slippery floors or fix known dangers.

Other types of business disputes may involve real estate disputes, fair competition disputes, technology disputes, and many other types of disputes that depend on the type of business.

Contract Dispute Lawyers

At Lulich & Attorneys, our Vero Beach and Sebastian business lawyers are skilled at preparing contracts by businesses with customers, vendors, employees, and other business relationships. We’re ready to argue your case persuasively in court when necessary. To discuss any type of business dispute, whether you’re a plaintiff or a defendant, call our seasoned Indian River County business lawyers at 772-589-5500 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.