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When you suffer injuries on someone else’s property, it typically doesn’t happen for no reason. The owner of the property could have prevented your injuries if they had kept their property in a safe condition. Whether you slipped on an icy walkway entering the property or fell in a stairwell with poor lighting, our attorneys could help you prove the property owner’s negligence caused your injuries.

After sustaining injuries, you could recover compensation by filing a case against the property owner. A Vero Beach premises liability lawyer from Lulich & Attorneys can represent you through that case. We have helped many injury victims recover the compensation they need to avoid financial debt after an accident. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services during a free consultation.

Advantages of Choosing a Vero Beach Premises Liability Lawyer at Lulich & Attorneys

Vero Beach Premises Liability Lawyer

After your injuries have been treated, you should consider contacting a premises liability attorney from our firm in Vero Beach immediately. We can help you understand your legal options for pursuing compensation. You may want to avoid speaking to the liable party’s insurance company until you have discussed your case with a lawyer. We can guide you on how to speak to the insurance company so you don’t say anything that could hurt your case.

When you work with our team, you will immediately notice the advantages of choosing us.

Some advantages our past clients have noticed include:

  • We have one of the longest-established full-service law firms in the area. With this amount of time in the area, we have gained experience helping clients like you and know the proper procedures for court proceedings.
  • Our firm has helped clients for over 35 years. During those 35 years, we have gained extensive knowledge of the legal system and how to build a solid case. With a more solid case, you may have a better chance of reaching a successful outcome.
  • We provide a range of legal services. Our team strives to provide a strong customer service approach, so our clients feel supported throughout their cases. When you choose us, you can expect us to put a lot of care into your case.

Our attorneys can guide you through the claims or lawsuit process. We want you to feel supported through your case and to take as much stress away as possible. The attorneys at our firm can handle legal issues, so you don’t have to worry about it. We just want you to have the time to focus on healing.

The Costs of a Premises Liability Attorney

At Lulich & Attorneys, we have a transparent fee agreement. You can expect to not pay any upfront fees or costs when you work with our firm. Once we help you reach a successful outcome with your case, you will owe us a percentage of your earnings. We provide this fee structure to our clients so you have the opportunity to seek legal care without worrying about how much it will cost.

You can also speak to our attorneys for free through a free consultation. You have no obligation to work with our firm after the consultation. We want you to have the opportunity to speak with a lawyer without a financial obligation so you can learn your legal options.

How Much Compensation Could You Receive From a Vero Beach Premises Liability Case?

Without our team reviewing your losses and calculating the value of your damages, we cannot develop an accurate estimate of your case’s value. Once you start working with our team, we can take a closer look at your losses to provide a clearer picture of how much compensation you could seek.

Many factors determine how much you can recover after a premises liability accident. You could have sustained both economic and non-economic losses because of your injuries. The economic damages you sustained include monetary losses. Meanwhile, the non-economic damages you sustained include your intangible losses.

Economic Damages You Could Recover in a Premises Liability Case

You could receive compensation for the actual monetary losses you sustained, also called economic damages.

These damages could include:

  • Medical expenses: Expenses related to medical care, such as doctor’s visits, in-home nursing care, rehabilitative therapies, surgeries, diagnostic tests, or emergency medical care. You could also seek compensation for the medications you need to treat pain or to avoid infection.
  • Future medical expenses: The estimated amount of future medical expenses you’ll have to pay if your injuries require ongoing medical attention. You could need medical care for months or years following the accident. Our attorneys can calculate a projected value of this loss.
  • Lost earnings: Any income you lost due to your injuries if you couldn’t work during recovery. You could also include the value of missed overtime, bonuses, or commissions you lost because of your injury in your case.
  • Future lost earnings: The estimated amount of income you could lose if you cannot return to work in the future. Our attorneys can calculate that amount by speaking to your employer. We can also speak to medical professionals to receive a projection of how long your injuries will leave you out of work.
  • Lost work benefits: If you cannot return to work because of your injuries, you could include the loss of work benefits in your demand for compensation. Work benefits could include retirement or healthcare benefits you no longer receive.
  • Other expenses you accrued: After sustaining injuries, you could inevitably accrue other expenses beyond your medical bills. Other expenses could include travel to appointments, childcare, medications, or wound care supplies.

The team at Lulich & Attorneys can help you gather evidence to prove you sustained these economic damages. You can prove you suffered the losses you claim by providing receipts, medical bills, pay stubs, and other relevant evidence.

Non-Economic Damages You Could Recover in a Premises Liability Case

Some injury victims can receive compensation for non-economic damages after sustaining an injury because of someone else’s negligent actions. While you might think you can only seek compensation for your monetary losses, you can also seek compensation for the physical and emotional issues the accident caused.

Common non-economic damages injury victims could recover in a premises liability case include:

  • Physical pain and suffering: The physical discomfort, pain, or anguish you experienced because of your injuries. You could have pain sitting down, walking, or doing small tasks. Regardless of your level of physical pain, you could include that loss in your case.
  • Emotional distress: The emotional trauma that accompanies your injuries. Going through the trauma of an injury-causing accident can leave you with emotional scars. You could deal with the trauma daily, decreasing your quality of life.
  • Loss of enjoyment: You might have lost enjoyment in certain aspects of your life if you cannot participate in the same activities you could before the accident. Whether you played soccer, knitted sweaters, or did yoga daily, you could seek compensation for loss of enjoyment damages if you can no longer participate in those activities.

It is not always straightforward to prove you sustained non-economic damages. Our attorneys know the evidence and expert witness testimony needed to prove you sustained these losses. We also have relationships with expert witnesses that we can ask to testify on your behalf. With the many resources we have, we can help to prove you sustained non-economic damages.

How Our Attorneys Can Prove Your Premises Liability Case

Premises liability cases typically arise when you sustain an injury that happened because of an unsafe or defective condition of someone’s property. Typically, the property owner acted negligently, and their negligence caused your injuries. Our attorneys can build a strong case to prove the property owner must accept liability because of their negligence.

To build a case based on negligence, our legal team must prove the property owner did not uphold the duty of care they owed you.

The elements of negligence related to a premises liability case include:

  • Duty of care: The property owner owed you the duty of keeping their property safe and well-maintained so that you were safe as a visitor.
  • Breach of duty: The property owner breached their duty by not maintaining the property. For example, they breached their duty if they spilled water on the floor and did not clean it or properly warn guests of the hazard.
  • Causation: The breach of duty caused your accident and the injuries you suffered. For example, you slipped on the spilled water and hurt your back. If the property owner had cleaned up the water or warned you it was there, you would not have sustained injuries.
  • Damages: You suffered damages because of the breach of duty. Damages could include medical expenses, lost earnings, and physical or emotional pain and suffering.

When our attorneys investigate the accident, we can collect and organize evidence to prove the property owner acted negligently.

Results for Past Clients

Our Vero Beach personal injury attorneys know how to go after results that matter, including these six-figure settlements:

  • $250,000.00 settlement for a motorcycle victim who was injured through no fault to his own. The accident resulted in serious injuries which led the victim to experiencing debilitating shoulder and back pain and resulted in a surgical operation. 
  • $275,000.00 settlement for a child who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. The accident resulted in serious back pain, PTSD, and lifelong injuries as a result of the negligent driver. 
  • $150,000.00 settlement for an individual who slipped and fell after her roofing company failed to properly secure and repair her roof. She sustained permanent injuries to her neck, shoulder, and lower back. 
  • $250,000.00 settlement for a client who was negligently rear ended by a semi-truck which resulted in permanent back pain, shoulder pain, and ultimately resulted in a shoulder operation. 

Types of Vero Beach Premises Liability Cases

Premises liability cases can arise from various accidents. These accidents occur when someone gets hurt on someone else’s property.

Different types of premises liability cases could include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Snowy or icy sidewalk accidents
  • Defective conditions such as a broken handrail on a staircase
  • Dog bite incidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Fires
  • Accidents at amusement parks

Any time an accident occurs because of the unsafe condition of a property, the case could classify under premises liability.

You Must File a Premises Liability Lawsuit Before the Deadline

You have four years from the date of the premises liability accident to file a lawsuit against the property owner. If you don’t file a lawsuit before the four years ends, you could miss out on seeking compensation for your losses.

Because of this deadline, contact our law firm soon after the accident. 

Before the four years end, we must:

  • Gather evidence proving the property owner acted negligently
  • Build a case using the evidence we gathered from the investigation
  • Calculate the value of your damages
  • Draft a demand letter to send to the opposing party with the facts of the case and the amount of compensation you seek
  • Negotiate with the property owner’s insurance company

We only need to file a lawsuit if we do not reach a fair settlement agreement through negotiations. Although we hope to settle outside of court, we still want to ensure settlement negotiations conclude before the four years end, so we still have the option to litigate your case.

Common Premises Liability Injuries in Vero Beach

You might think an accident on someone else’s property, such as a slip and fall, wouldn’t cause significant injuries. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. The property owner likely could have prevented these injuries if they had kept their property in a safe condition.

Because of their negligence, you could have suffered from the following injuries:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Concussions or other traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Lacerations
  • Electrical shock wounds
  • Spinal cord injuries

Any of these injuries could leave you hospitalized or dealing with a long recovery. You shouldn’t have to pay for the medical bills you suffered from because of a negligent property owner. Let our attorneys help you. We can fight for you to seek the compensation you deserve after going through a traumatic event on someone else’s property. Negligent property owners should have to pay when their actions caused you harm.

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Elle Nichols, Lawyer for Personal Injury in Vero Beach
Elle Nichols, Vero Beach Personal Injury Attorney

If you or your loved one currently has huge medical debt and has missed work because of an accident on someone else’s property, you could seek compensation from the property owner. The Vero Beach premises liability lawyers at Lulich & Attorneys can provide legal representation. We have handled many premises liability cases and know how to build a strong case against the negligent property owner. Reach out to a Vero Beach personal injury lawyer.

Contact our firm today for a free consultation at (772) 589-5500. A member of our team can take your call and provide information about steps we can take to help with your case. In addition, we can answer any questions you have so you can make an informed decision about moving forward with our legal team.

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