Representation for Real Estate Sellers in Vero Beach

At Lulich & Attorneys, our lawyers represent real estate sellers in Vero Beach. We want to ensure property owners get a fair price and protect their rights throughout the real estate sale. We can work with you regardless of whether you have a real estate agent or are handling your sale for sale by owner.

Our Vero Beach real estate lawyers can guide you through all phases of the sales process and can even help you with your new home purchase. You can learn more by contacting the Lulich & Attorneys team today. We can discuss how our team can help you during your initial consultation with one of our lawyers.

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Our Real Estate Attorneys Offer Representation Throughout the Transaction

Our Vero Beach real estate attorneys help sellers navigate the sales process and their transactions from start to finish. We can help you get your home or property on the market, set the price, and more. Then, once you have offers, we can evaluate them with you and help you structure your sales agreement. Throughout this process, we can explain what you need to know.

Our team handles closing and serves as your title company. Like you, we want to ensure everything goes smoothly and you maximize your net sales proceeds. We can help you reduce the chances of legal claims or complaints after the sale, too.

Our Vero Beach real estate lawyers represent clients who plan to:

  • Purchase a larger home
  • Downsize
  • Invest in a vacation home
  • Invest their proceeds into a new venture
  • Retire
  • Move into a senior living community
  • Sell their home or other property for some other reason

No matter the circumstances, we know you want to get the best deal possible and walk away with fair compensation for your home. You want to handle this deal fairly and ensure everyone feels solid on closing day—and afterward.

Our team of real estate lawyers can help with this. We explain the necessary laws and rules, legally protect our clients, and do not settle for less than the property's worth. You can learn more about our services by contacting our team for an initial consultation today.

Our Attorneys for Vero Beach Real Estate Sellers Offer Advice and Guidance

Most sellers partner with real estate agents who receive a percentage of the sale as a commission. This agent determines the home’s listing price, offers advice on selling it, advertises the listing, and shows the house to prospective purchasers. They can take a lot of the legwork out of selling your home or property, but they do not have the thorough knowledge of the law held by our team.

Many people also opt to sell their property “for sale by owner.” This means they must handle much of the legwork usually managed by the seller’s agent. When this occurs, who looks out for their best interests? Again, our attorneys can provide even more advice and guidance in this situation.

Our Florida real estate lawyers provide information and explanations to sellers throughout the process and transaction.

We can help sellers understand:

  • How to price their home
  • Their net proceeds following a specific offer
  • Their legal obligations for repairs or selling as is
  • If any claims on the property exist and how to settle them
  • The importance of title insurance
  • What the language in an offer means
  • The sales contract's language
  • How to handle negotiations in the sales agreement
  • What the settlement statement means

When something unexpected happens during this process, and it often does, our team can stand beside you. We can help sort out what went wrong and handle the problem on the seller’s behalf.

Our Vero Beach real estate lawyers have a wide range of experience with these situations and understand the laws and regulations. In many cases, we can manage a hiccup in the process quickly without causing our client any additional stress or frustration.

Our Vero Beach Lawyers Help Clients Value the Property and Set a Price

A home's listing price generally stems from identifying comparable sales and using other factors such as property condition and necessary upgrades to determine a fair value. Generally, the seller may need to make alterations or repairs to ensure the home meets all building codes and standards. Otherwise, they will need to reduce the price and sell the home as is.

Understanding the current condition of the home, any needed repairs, and how much similar homes sold for recently help establish a fair listing price on a property. In addition, our lawyers understand building codes and necessary repairs and can help you weigh the pros and cons of making these upgrades or settling for a lower price.

We also work with our clients to help them determine their net proceeds from a sale according to:

  • The balance of their mortgage, if applicable
  • Any liens or claims
  • Bills due to creditors, such as for home equity lines of credit
  • Commission for their agent, if necessary
  • Repair costs
  • Title insurance and other agreed-on closing costs

We want to ensure our clients get the maximum possible proceeds when selling their homes. To this end, we can keep our clients' proceeds high while reducing the time or energy needed to complete the sale.

It’s important to understand how real estate markets work and if most houses on the market near the your property sell for more than the list price or below. This depends on the list price, the neighborhood’s desirability, how many buyers express interest, the home’s condition, and many other factors. This is important to consider when deciding whether to accept an offer on your property.

Our Lawyers Help You Understand the Sales Agreement and Protect Your Rights

Once you have an offer on the table and agree to the sale, the sales agreement will set the transaction's parameters. It lists the price, how much money the buyer agrees to pay, and other terms.

This includes clauses meant to protect your interests and those to protect the buyer. Their attorney or agent will likely propose one or more additions to this agreement, and we can do the same. We have some standard protections we like to add based on the unique circumstances of the sale.

These agreements may include:

  • The seller will notify the buyer of any claims or liens against the home.
  • The seller will disclose any known defects with the home.
  • The buyer can walk through the home with a certified home inspector before closing.
  • The seller will fund any necessary repairs or the property will sell as is.
  • The seller can terminate the contract if the buyer cannot get approval for a mortgage within a set time.
  • The seller can accept a higher offer if the buyer's offer depends on their existing home sale.

Once both sides have included terms to protect their interests, we can review the contract and explain the details. We can also negotiate any changes you may request at this time. The buyer may also have some last-minute changes. While this may feel frustrating, a solid contract both sides feel comfortable with can prove better than rushing into an agreement with too few protections.

We closely review each term to ensure it does not expose our client to unnecessary risk or loss. We can only move forward with an agreement that protects our client adequately.

Our Real Estate Attorneys Provide Closing and Title Services

The title company provides several critical services during a real estate transaction. When we represent a seller, we act as the title company for the sale, identifying and documenting any claims or liens against the home.

This could include:

  • Your mortgage
  • A home equity loan
  • Liens from contractors, often called mechanic's liens
  • Unpaid taxes
  • Unpaid utilities
  • Delinquent homeowner's association fees
  • Other owners who claim the property

Before a property owner can go through with the sale, they must resolve all claims to the property. Our attorneys can help you do this, ensuring we can approve a clear title and the buyer will have no legal complaints later.

Then, we need to identify any outstanding bills based on the transaction closing date. You will bear responsibility for property taxes, utilities, homeowner’s association fees, and possibly other costs up to the closing date. We can ensure these costs get paid, so you do not have to worry about the buyer returning with a claim for money later.

We also discuss title insurance with our clients. The seller often pays for coverage that pays out the home’s purchase price in case any title claims arise after the deal’s completion.

Wrapping up the Transaction

Our team handles closing for our clients. While this includes the actual signing of documents, it also requires us to review the settlement sheet line-by-line with our client and address any last-minute changes by the buyer or seller.

Then, you’ll need to sign the paperwork and hand over the keys. We offer traditional and digital closings. In 2019, House Bill 409 approved using an online notary to verify signatures in real estate deals remotely. This made it possible to close digitally instead of appearing in person. This allows us to review your paperwork and accept your signatures faster and easier.

Digital closing also allows us to accommodate sellers from other areas of the country without making them come to our office. This can prove especially helpful for those who only live part of the year in Vero Beach or whose health prevents them from traveling to our office. Of course, we still offer traditional closings, as well.

Representation for Real Estate Buyers in Vero Beach

Many sellers in Vero Beach plan to invest in another property almost immediately. Whether you want to build your dream home, need more space, or downsize, our attorneys can help you navigate this process while you sell your current property. We provide advocacy and protection for both sellers and buyers.

You can count on the Lulich & Attorneys team to use our knowledge of the real estate market and Florida real estate law to protect your rights as a buyer.

Our Vero Beach attorneys can help you:

  • Time your deals, if you hope to sell and then purchase
  • Negotiate any necessary terms in your agreement
  • Line up a certified home inspector to walk through the home before closing
  • Review all required documents
  • Ensure a clear title
  • Work to get repairs made or the costs included in the settlement
  • Review the settlement statement and explain all costs
  • Record the deed, title, mortgage, and other documents with the Indian River County Clerk as required

We also arrange and oversee closings for clients purchasing a home. This could include a digital or traditional closing.

Jordan Lulich Lawyer for Real Estate in Vero Beach
Jordan Lulich, Real Estate Attorney

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At Lulich & Attorneys, we provide representation for real estate sellers in Vero Beach and other nearby areas. We want to discuss your needs and how we can help. We work with clients selling their family homes to purchase larger properties, downsize, invest in businesses, or move into retirement communities. No matter your needs, our lawyers know how to navigate the real estate sales process efficiently.

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