Property Law in Vero Beach

Lulich & Attorneys has experienced lawyers who help clients navigate Vero Beach property law and represent their best interests throughout this process. Whether you are a landowner, buyer, seller, developer, or have another land-related interest, we are here to help. We understand how local, county, state, and federal laws affect real estate in Vero Beach.

Connect with our real estate attorneys today to learn more about our services and how we can help based on the unique circumstances of your case. Each case has its own facts and details. Our team wants to discuss your needs and explain how we can help you individually. Let us work with you to solve your problems and protect your investments.

How Lulich & Attorneys Helps Clients Navigate Vero Beach Property Laws

Lulich & Attorneys is a law firm and title company. We handle real estate closings, property disputes, zoning and land use issues, and other related property law cases. We represent property owners and landlords. We also issue title insurance.

As a full-service law firm, we also practice numerous other areas of law, including:

  • Personal injury and negligence law
  • Estate planning
  • Business law
  • Real Estate

We have offices in Vero Beach and Sebastian. Our Vero Beach office includes lawyers who can help with your property law concerns. Our attorneys also have more than 45 years of experience, and we have resolved more than 5,000 cases.

We know Florida’s property and real estate laws and have the experience necessary to navigate the system for our clients. We provide compassionate support and aggressive advocacy, fighting for your best interests throughout the process. Our lawyers manage property transactions and real estate disputes for those buying, selling, operating, or developing single-family homes, apartment complexes, commercial properties, and more.

Title Insurance Laws in Vero Beach, Florida

Title insurance protects property buyers from claims by others against that real estate. Before a sale, the title company checks the property’s ownership history, any liens, or other claims. The seller must resolve these before moving forward with the transaction. However, it is possible the title company did not uncover a claim against the property that arises later. This is where title insurance comes in.

Many reasons exist why another party might have a claim against a Vero Beach property.

Title insurance protects the buyer’s investment in many of these circumstances:

  • Issues with the deed, including clerical or filing errors
  • Forgeries or misrepresentation on a deed
  • Improperly probated wills or another estate concern
  • Deeds signed by someone who did not have the authority or who lacked the necessary cognitive ability
  • Problems with an improper legal description of the property
  • Third-party claims, such as liens against the home
  • Other issues that jeopardize a clear title to the property

Title insurance protects the landowner’s investment in a home or another property. The seller generally needs to provide certain information to the title insurance company. The company then checks to ensure a clear title to the property and issues the insurance policy at closing. Our team answers questions about title insurance, explains why it is important, and issues this coverage.

If there is a problem with the title later, the landowner files a claim. The coverage allows them to recover the money they paid for their home if they lose the dispute and cannot claim ownership of it. If we handle your real estate transaction in Vero Beach, we can discuss why this is a good investment and write the policy for you.

Buying and Selling Property in Vero Beach, Florida

Managing real estate transactions is one of the many things our property attorneys do for clients. Whether representing the buyer or seller, our team handles everything from start to finish. This includes preparing all documents, acting as the title company, and overseeing closing. The benefits we provide for buyers and sellers are different, but having our team on the job could make the transaction progress smoothly.

Hiring a real estate lawyer to handle your purchase or sale is also important if you have a more complex situation. Property law has some legalities and nuances that even the most experienced real estate agent cannot handle. Your attorney can offer advice and guidance on these legal issues.

We Offer Representation to Buyers

We work with buyers to ensure they know the value of a property, make a fair offer, and understand their contracts. Each contract has many clauses related to each party’s duties and rights. We review these and request additions and changes as necessary.

This determines things such as:

  • Each party’s obligations
  • How long you have to get mortgage approval
  • When you will get a home inspection
  • How you will handle repairs
  • What price you agree on
  • The property’s future intended use

We oversee this process and handle all document preparation, title company tasks, and the closing itself. That way, you don’t find yourself dealing with mountains of paperwork.

After closing, we review the real estate settlement sheet for your new Vero Beach property. We explain what each line means and why it is important.

This could include:

  • The Sales Price
  • Any Credits Or Money Paid For Repairs
  • Fees For A Real Estate Agent
  • Title Insurance Premiums

We also file the paperwork related to the mortgage and deed. You must file the paperwork properly and promptly with the Indian River County Clerk to protect your investment in your new property.

We Also Offer Representation for Sellers

When we represent real estate sellers, we offer advice and guidance. We play the role of both a real estate attorney and a title company.

We often help clients understand the applicable laws related to their transactions, such as:

  • Who is responsible for repairs
  • Their legal obligations if selling a property “as is”
  • What to do if there are outside claims against the property
  • What the sales agreement clauses mean

We provide advice, guidance, and advocacy when there are complications or challenges during this process, which are common. We explain the importance of title insurance, handle negotiations, and review the settlement sheet with our clients. We also deal with unexpected issues during the sales or closing process.

When we work together, sellers trust us to organize and oversee closing, including reviewing all documents and ensuring they understand them.

Testimonial from Mayor Robbie Brackett

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Zoning, Planning, and Land Use Law in Vero Beach

Zoning and land use ordinances determine many details about what developers and builders can put on a parcel. This could lead to disputes, rezoning requests, easements, variances, and more. Our team of attorneys represents property owners and others with interests in these properties, such as neighbors who oppose a rezoning request.

Land Use and Planning in Vero Beach

Land use and rezoning often play key roles in major developments in Vero Beach. This is especially true for the recent trend toward mixed-use developments. Builders are developing residential-commercial, commercial-industrial, and other mixed-use properties throughout Florida.

While these communities offer residents many benefits, planning them is often difficult for developers. These projects require complex zoning or land use permissions, approval by planning commissions, and other steps before construction can begin. Our team manages these property law cases.

What to Know About Local Zoning Ordinances

Sometimes, the fate of a developer’s vision depends on zoning. They buy or make an offer for a parcel of land with a specific type of development in mind. Yet, they must convince the county to rezone the property first. This is one of the most common issues that developers face, and our attorneys handle these cases regularly.

Here’s an example to help you understand zoning-related cases in Vero Beach. You purchase a parcel that’s zoned as a residential area. Yet, you want to build a shopping mall on that plot. You would have to submit a request to the Planning and Zoning Commission to change the land from a residential area to a commercial area. Without approval, you could not legally move forward with the project.

That’s where our team comes in. We can draft your zoning request, submit it to the appropriate offices, and fight for approval.

Our attorneys often help developers, builders, and other property owners negotiate an easement or find an alternative solution. Easements allow one property owner to use another’s property temporarily or permanently for access to their own.

For example, an easement could be necessary to get heavy equipment onto a site for clearing or re-grading. Another example of an easement is when one property owner allows another to cross their property or use their parking lot to connect to the main street.

We Help With Evictions and Foreclosures in Vero Beach

Evictions and foreclosures are both legal maneuvers that force someone from their home. While this is always a difficult situation, our team understands the process is sometimes necessary. Evictions occur because renters fail to pay rent or violate other lease terms. Property owners must evict them to protect their investment and livelihood.

Foreclosures are more complex and more difficult. They remove a homeowner from the home and allow the mortgage company, bank, or another lien holder to sell it and recoup some or all of their losses. Formal foreclosure proceedings generally begin 120 days after a missed payment. Reach out to our foreclosure attorneys if you need assistance with your foreclosure.

Foreclosures in Vero Beach

Our attorneys represent clients facing possible foreclosure in Vero Beach. If your mortgage company notified you of possible foreclosure proceedings because of late payments, our team is here for you. Our experience with previous clients gives us keen insight into these complex legal matters.

Florida has strict laws governing the foreclosure process. Many lenders may not clearly outline your options to save your home, as they may have an ulterior motive for obtaining the property. Our team presents numerous strategies and weighs the merits of each based on your case’s facts. You may have options if you cannot pay what your lender wants today.

We also represent lenders in foreclosure cases. However, we understand that it is in everyone’s best interest if the borrower can resume their payments and avoid foreclosure proceedings. This is often our goal in these cases unless it becomes apparent there is no alternative. We always look out for our client’s best interest, whether they are a property owner, lender, or another party.

Vero Beach Evictions

We represent property owners and landlords in eviction cases in Vero Beach. While no one likes to evict tenants, we understand why it is sometimes necessary. As a property owner, you have to protect your investment. You cannot allow someone to continue to live on your property when they do not follow the lease agreement or fail to pay rent as required.

We know the eviction laws and how to navigate the process. We help our clients build a case against the renter and demonstrate to the court why an eviction is necessary. We ensure our client abides by all the applicable rules throughout this process.

You do not have to handle evicting a renter in Vero Beach on your own. Our team helps clients with this process regularly. We can review your contract with the tenant, discuss your circumstances, and explain your next steps during your initial meeting with our team.

Jordan Lulich Vero Beach Real Estate Attorney
Jordan Lulich, Real Estate Attorney

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