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Vero Beach and Sebastian are great locations to conduct real estate business. Florida attracts residents who live here year-round and residents who live here part-time because the weather is so attractive. There are many new properties in development. Many commercial properties already exist from small stores to large complexes and 

skyscrapers. Many businesses are relocated to Florida from other states.

At Lulich & Attorneys, our Vero Beach and Sebastian commercial property lawyers represent businesses in all stages of development and use. We represent all types of businesses including apartment owners, condominium and co-op owners, owners of retail stores, owners of nonprofits, professionals, entertainment venues, and many other types of businesses.  Our attorneys work with people and companies involved in hospitality, education, healthcare, recreation, residences, and technology. Our lawyers represent in-state owners, developers, landlords, and tenants as well as out-of-state individuals and businesses. We represent investors. Our firm represents buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.

What types of commercial transactions and issues do you handle?

For 35 years, our lawyers have been involved in a broad range of commercial real estate matters including the following:

  • Landlord-tenant issues. Our lawyers help landlords draft leases for commercial tenants and for residential tenants. We review these agreements for the tenants. When a tenant has failed to meet its obligations under the lease, we file complaints to enforce the agreements. When necessary we file foreclosure and eviction actions. Our lawyers understand the local, state, and federal laws that regulate landlord-tenant disputes in Indian River County. We’ll help you assert your rights, comply with the legal requirements, negotiate disputes, and enforce your contracts. We are skilled at the various provisions in lease agreements that protect your interests so that you obtain the rents landlords bargained for and the rights tenants should expect.
  • Commercial leases. Our lawyers help draft the correct leases for the needs of sellers and buyers. We address numerous issues such as the length of the lease, renewals, termination, default, insurance, authorized uses, subletting, exclusivity, liability, common areas, rents, forms of acceptable payment, space requirements, lighting, utilities, and many other issues. We understand the unique challenges for different types of businesses.
  • The purchase, sale, and development of commercial property. Our lawyers are skilled at the various legal, business, and practical requirements involved with developing commercial real estate in and near Vero Beach and Sebastian. This work includes explaining and addressing any commercial zoning requirements. We help ensure that your development meets the local building codes. We help developers address their needs for financing and the legal contracts involved with financing a new commercial real estate project.

Our lawyers understand the various methods used to value commercial real estate when sellers want the highest price possible or when buyers want the lowest price possible. We help negotiate agreements of sale for commercial properties. We represent both sellers and buyers from the agreement of sale, through the financing and inspection phases, and at the commercial real estate settlement. We work with title companies, commercial real estate brokers, mortgage companies, and tother entities. Our attorneys represent in-state and out-of-state buyers and sellers. We work with new forms of financing like cryptocurrency. We understand when buyers need to be present in Florida and when transactions can be done virtually.

Some of the other closing issues we address include arranging for the sale or purchase of commercial real estate when there are existing tenants on the property. Generally, tenants have the right to possess property according to the terms of their lease agreement. Sales of commercial real estate transactions also include addressing any liens, leases, or other rights or claims that may affect the clear title to the property. We explain all the documents that sellers and buyers need to sign at the real estate closing.

  • Management of the property. We work with or negotiate with property management companies that have the responsibility for responding to complaints by tenants, conducting inspections, making repairs, complying with local laws, and other management issues.
  • Zoning laws. Florida and Indian River County have laws and regulations that govern how commercial real estate is used and what exceptions may be permissible. There are generally different laws for commercial, residential, industrial, and other uses. We help our clients understand how these laws apply to their commercial property. Our Vero Beach and Sebastian lawyers also help owners and buyers seek variances and other types of relief so the business owners can maximize the use of their property.
  • Foreclosure and eviction. While most owners and tenants pay their rent or mortgage on time and comply with the terms of their lease, there are many tenants whose business doesn’t do as well as they’d like. Many commercial and residential tenants are not able to pay what they owe. Some tenants don’t comply with other terms of the lease agreement.

Our lawyers explain what conduct constitutes a default of a commercial lease. Our lawyers represent landlords who wish to terminate the lease. We represent owners and mortgage companies who need to foreclose because the current people or businesses in possession of the real estate are in default. We explain, step by step, what must be done to formally comply with the federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Our attorneys also represent tenants and owners who are down on their luck and just need some time to obtain new financing, restructure their loans, or negotiate an extension.

Commercial real estate transactions involve a lot of wealth. For many people, the commercial real estate transaction is more than just a one-time lump payment transaction – it’s the key to their livelihood. A beautiful fully functional, ideally located property often means more income and more customers. We’ll help ensure that your goals and needs are met and that you are in compliance with all relevant requirements.

At Lulich & Attorneys, our Vero Beach and Sebastian commercial real estate lawyers have been representing buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, investors, and other interested parties for 35 years. To discuss any purchase, sale, development, leasing, zoning, or other commercial real estate matters, call us at 772-589-5500 or fill out our contact form.

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