Agent Guidance in Vero Beach

At Lulich & Attorneys, we provide agent guidance in Vero Beach, FL. Our real estate lawyers ensure our clients can navigate even the most complex transactions. We represent real estate agents, buyers, and sellers. When we work with agents, their clients receive the added benefit of having legal advice and support throughout their sale or purchase. At the same time, the agent’s reputation and credibility grow because they have the resources to smoothly handle challenging transactions.

If you are an agent who wonders if a real estate lawyer might add value to your work, an attorney from Lulich & Attorneys can help. We would love to discuss our services with you today. Contact us to learn more. We can gladly answer your questions and explain the benefits of working with our team.

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Most real estate agents only learned as much about real estate law as required to pass their exam and from continuing education. While this can provide sufficient knowledge to navigate simple transactions, things do not always go smoothly. Over time, most agents learn a little more about the applicable Florida laws. However, only an attorney who practices in this area of law fully knows how they apply and how to navigate complex transactions.

A real estate agent can act as an expert when pulling comparables, setting list prices, marketing homes, and helping sellers get the most money possible based on their property. You don't need to know the ins and outs of complex real estate law as long as you have someone on call who does. Our team can serve that purpose for you.

When you realize a transaction may prove more complicated than expected, calling in an attorney can protect you, your client, your credibility, and your reputation.

We help our real estate agent clients navigate complex transactions such as:

  • Contingency agreements
  • Sales between multiple parties
  • Unusual funding sources
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Land trust sales
  • Large-scale investment properties
  • Closing Costs

We can help you understand your options based on the circumstances and explain the applicable laws. This could include structuring your listing agreement or sales contract for you or walking you and your client through the transaction step-by-step. In addition, we can provide advice and support or represent you in disputes or litigation.

Our Team Provides a Wide Range of Services for the Agent and Their Clients

Every real estate transaction requires numerous agreements, contracts, and negotiations. Each of these could lead to a dispute, accusations, or confusion about what needs to happen next. Our attorneys can help with any legal concerns or transaction questions. With a real estate attorney providing agent guidance, you have an additional resource for you and your clients.

Some of the issues we can help our clients handle include:

  • Negotiations and writing the listing agreement
  • Ensuring the client and agent both understand the listing agreement and each duties and responsibilities of the parties 
  • Addressing statutory disclosures and disclosure disputes
  • Determining if a particular fact requires disclosure
  • Providing legal advice to sellers or buyers as needed
  • Helping buyers understand what “as is” could mean for their rights
  • Explaining the sales agreement and each of its clauses to the buyer or seller
  • Reviewing the settlement sheet with all represented parties
  • Providing support and representation in agent data breach cases
  • Fighting breach of contract claims
  • Working through negotiations, arbitration, and mediation as needed
  • Representing buyers, sellers, or agents during litigation

In many cases, we provide support, advice, and some direct input on every sale our client handles. For example, we may review their listing contract, explain it to the seller, and ensure everyone understands their duties and rights. When they accept an offer, we help them structure the sales agreement and explain each clause to the seller. After the sale, we can review the settlement sheet with the seller.

We also handle tasks as a title company regularly. This includes searching to ensure a clear title. We schedule and oversee closing—either in-person or digitally as allowed under Florida law per Florida Statutes —and record the documents, too.

Our team represents real estate agents and real estate brokers. Regardless of your training and experience, you may encounter challenges that Florida's real estate agent training requirements don't cover. When this occurs, you may need to call someone who knows the applicable laws. A relationship with a real estate attorney from our team provides you with this resource.

Our Real Estate Lawyers Help You Gain Valuable Knowledge and Boost Your Reputation

When you represent a buyer or seller, they consider you the expert. However, you may not understand many situations until you face them. When you can call on one of our attorneys to walk through these issues with you and provide legal guidance, there is no question about your ability to get the answers you need and take on any complex sale. As a result, you gain knowledge while boosting your credibility and reputation.

The next time you encounter a concern, you will know how to answer your client’s questions and what steps to take. Sometimes you can navigate a few simple steps on your own based on your new knowledge of Florida real estate law. In others, our team can help facilitate your complex transaction and confirm for your client that you have the resources necessary to handle their sale.

Your reputation can prove central to your success. Showing sellers that you have access to a real estate lawyer can improve your credibility.

We Act as the Title Company in Vero Beach Real Estate Transactions

At Lulich & Attorneys, we are not only a team of real estate attorneys. We also act as the title company in many of our client’s Vero Beach real estate transactions. When we handle this process, our agent and broker clients feel confident in a job done correctly.

We do the necessary work to investigate and uncover any claims or liens on the property. If we discover any, we can provide advice and guidance for clearing the concern to move forward with a clear title. We also consider other issues that could lead to a dispute or claim later and discuss those with our clients as necessary. Our team can do everything a title company does—and much more.

This includes:

  • Checking for liens or other claims
  • Looking at past titles to ensure each transaction was legal and properly done
  • Offering legal advice based on Florida law as needed
  • Gathering necessary information about the current transaction
  • Handling paperwork and forms
  • Working with the mortgage company, current lender, and other involved parties
  • Scheduling and overseeing closing, either digitally or in-person
  • Recording the deed, mortgage, and other required documents with the Indian River County Clerk

While no legal requirement says that you should have a title company handle your title and closing, most mortgage lenders require it. We can fulfill their requirements and go above and beyond. This includes ensuring your client understands the papers they sign, their contractual obligations, and the settlement sheet. Without our attorney on your side, you would have to review these legal documents with them and answer any questions they have.

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Our Team Provides Support and Quotes for Title Insurance

Lulich & Attorneys provides support and guidance related to title insurance. Not only can we get you a quote, but we can review title insurance policies already purchased and help your client understand whether it provides the necessary coverage. We want to ensure buyers have enough insurance to cover their financial and legal interests and that sellers meet their obligations to provide the policy.

There are some situations when your buyer may want additional title insurance to cover their entire investment. While most transactions require a policy to pay the purchase price, buyers may also have other investments.

For example, imagine your buyer purchasing a property to build. The agreement only requires insurance to cover the amount based on the sale price. They build their new home, and then a claim on the property arises. They could lose the money they spent on their house and other upgrades if they lose the property.

Title insurance also protects buyers from:

  • Issues with forgeries, false ownership claims, or fraud
  • Clerical errors and significant mistakes
  • Improperly probated wills
  • Unknown heirs
  • Mechanic’s liens and other third-party claims
  • Deeds signed by someone without the proper mental capacity
  • Misrepresentation by prior owners
  • Failure to disclose
  • Improper legal descriptions
  • Other issues that could prevent the home’s clear title

We provide agent guidance about title insurance and related concerns. We can also review how this insurance works, the reason for it, and how much your clients may need, whether they are buyers or sellers.

Agent Guidance Includes Help With Agreements, Contracts, and Disputes

As real estate lawyers, the attorneys at Lulich & Attorneys know the complexities of this area of law in Florida. We know what needs to be in your listing agreement and sales contract and what doesn't. We also know how to write clauses to meet your specific needs in complex transactions. Finally, we know that disputes can arise at any point in the real estate transaction.

Our team offers advice and representation for real estate agents and brokers in Vero Beach and across Indian River County. We protect your livelihood and your clients’ rights.

We may:

  • Review your contracts to ensure you include all necessary information
  • Explain the contract to your client or your team as needed
  • Write or assist with your contract, especially in complex transactions
  • Review all paperwork and answer your clients’ questions
  • Determine your options for settling a dispute
  • Represent you or your client in mediation, arbitration, or litigation

We Negotiate and Craft Agreements

Some transactions can prove much more challenging than others. Still, almost all of them require negotiation regarding what to include in the contract between the buyer and seller. Our attorneys can help with these negotiations, write the clauses to include, and explain what the other party's requested clauses mean legally and practically.

For example, many buyers want an opportunity for a home inspector to go through the property before closing. We encourage buyers to request this, as well. However, we need to ensure the contract includes this clause and details about who pays for the inspection, when it occurs, and what happens if the inspector uncovers major issues.

We Settle Disputes

Our attorneys represent agents and their clients in Vero Beach real estate disputes.

When a disagreement rises to the level of a dispute, our team can step in and:

  • Organize dispute resolution as detailed in the listing contract
  • Represent the agent or their client in mediation or arbitration
  • Move forward with litigation in an Indian River County court

We help our agents resolve most disputes quickly, allowing the transaction to move forward without a problem. In other cases, it becomes more complex, and we need to take additional steps to protect their rights and get the best outcome possible for them.

Jordan Lulich Lawyer for Real Estate in Vero Beach
Jordan Lulich, Real Estate Attorney

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At Lulich & Attorneys, our real estate attorneys provide agents with guidance, support, and representation. With decades of experience, we understand our clients' needs and how our attorneys can help. We can protect your license and your clients' rights. We can stand beside you during simple, straightforward transactions and help ensure the most complex transactions go more smoothly.

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