What Should I Include in My Last Will and Testament? – Lulich & Attorneys

What Should I Include in My Last Will and Testament? – Lulich & Attorneys

Why is a Will and Testament Important?

In an earlier blog post, we looked at the reasons to create a will, and exactly why it is so important to do so. Having a will and testament in place is a major relief to a family once a loved one passes. A will can give peace of mind to family members and make a sad and stressful time a little easier.

What Does a Will and Testament Include?

A last will and testament can include details of how a person’s assets and property should be distributed upon his or her death, and it can organize the care for a child who is still considered a minor. A detailed last will and testament can help stops family members from infighting over any property or assets left behind by a loved one.

Did You Know?

One interesting asset that can be included in a last will and testament is airline miles, which can be especially useful for a frequent business traveler. Airline miles are often left out of a last will and testament, but they can be distributed to a loved one upon death.

If you have animals, you can put them in your will, as well, and they can live out their days with a loved one or beneficiary of your choosing. Often, dogs and cats are treated as a member of the family, so it is important to designate someone whom you trust to look after your pets when you are gone. Also, many pet owners leave some money specifically for the care of the animal upon the owner’s passing.

Some people use their last will and testament to dictate how their remains will be dealt with. People who have fond memories of childhood homes, vacation spots, or a beloved area they regularly frequented might request that their ashes be scattered in that special place. One life-long Manchester United soccer fan recently had his ashes scattered on the team’s playing field.

Strange Requests

Of course, there have been some strange requests included in people’s last will and testaments, and some have even been disputed in court.

Mark Gruenwald, executive editor of Captain America and Iron Man comic books, had his ashes mixed with ink to be printed in comic books.
Thomas Shewbridge of California left his entire estate to his two dogs. The dogs reportedly made every board meeting of the electric company in which Shewbridge had stock.
Eleanor Ritchey, the benefactor of the Quaker State Refining Company, left her money to 150 stray dogs. After the dogs died, the money was to be given to Auburn University to research disease in dogs.

Lulich & Attorneys

If you or a loved are considering creating a last will and testament, Lulich & Attorneys can help. Visit our page on wills and testaments to see how we can help you. Lulich & Attorneys can help you with all your estate planning needs.