Why should I hire a business law attorney to register a small business? – Lulich & Attorneys

Why should I hire a business law attorney to register a small business? – Lulich & Attorneys

Many people ask us why should they use a business law attorney to register a small business rather than an online site? It's not as simple as going online and filling out some paperwork to start a company. Although many people do not use an attorney to start a business, they end up hiring an attorney, later on, to help with the legal troubles they find themselves in.

Specialized Knowledge and Counselor

A lawyer brings counseling and advising through their extensive legal studies of the different types of businesses. In some situations, it is more beneficial to form an LLC and in others, it may be an LLC a partnership, or a corporation.

Your attorney can also be someone you can seek advice from. A business law attorney has seen many entities start, fail, and survive tough times. This knowledge and experience are invaluable and you can gain some insight into making your business succeed and other essential items to running a business.

Long Term is Cheaper

Numerous cases are reported where individuals start a business and forget to create essential documents needed to protect themselves. These businesses they start do not protect them legally. As such, the potential risk in not starting a proper business is to be personally liable. This means that if any legal trouble arises, the business owner may have to pay personally for these legal troubles.

It's not difficult to create articles of incorporation for an LLC. It's as simple as filling out an online form and receiving an email with the certification. However, an operating agreement can be quite complex and requires a more in-depth knowledge of the different types of corporations and business entities. When there are multiple members in the LLC, it's essentially not possible for a non-lawyer to create such an agreement.

Networking Opportunity and Leads 

When venturing into the business world, many important professionals will help you succeed. Besides an attorney, a marketing advisor, certified public accountant (CPA), tax advisor, and banking advisor are just to name a few. It can be overwhelming to find these trusted advisors. Your attorney can be your starting point, and it's more than likely that they have worked with different advisors in each area and can offer recommendations for reputable and trustworthy professionals in the area.

Unbiased Point of View

When forming a company with several people, it's critical to determine the roles, responsibilities, and jobs of each of the members within the company. It's hard to fairly designate these roles and arguments and disagreements often result. Forming a business should be an easy and enjoyable process, not a stressful one.

An educated business law attorney can help determine the different roles and advise if they are fair and balanced. It often takes an objective perspective for the parties to become agreeable, because of all the emotions that are involved. Therefore, a lawyer can be quite beneficial to ensure that no disputes will arise in the process of forming a business or during the business's operations.

Talk to an Experienced Business Law Attorney

Our law firm advises any individual contemplating starting a business to talk to an experienced business law attorney. Thee advice that an attorney can give an aspiring or successful entrepreneur is invaluable. Our firm's goal is to educate our clients and to protect them from future legal harm. For this reason, we offer Free Consultations. Call us at (772) 774- 7771 or click here to start an evaluation and schedule a free 30-minute consultation with an attorney.