Why you should hire a Real Estate Attorney when buying a home? – Lulich & Attorneys

Did you know that the most issues in real estate law come from a real estate sales contract?

Many people come to our firm and ask the question: why should I hire a real estate attorney if I am buying or even selling a home? Well, the answer is that while you may not need one, you should hire one because it provides extra assurance.

The Real Estate Sales Contract

Our firm has represented numerous clients throughout the years who have proceeded to purchase and/or sell a home without an attorney by their side. Don’t get me wrong, it’s 100% possible to purchase a home without an attorney. However, the real benefit of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer is to review the complex, lengthy real estate sales contract.

The contracts that realtors use are written and designed by lawyers. Additionally, the realtor's job and education are not based on educating their clients on contract law… this is the job of an attorney. Every attorney is required to go through education in contract law, which they are tested on in their examination to become a licensed attorney.

Avoid Litigation: Hire an Attorney

The clients that we have represented in the past did not consult a lawyer to review their real estate sales contract. Unfortunately, many of them due to their lack of representation and counseling have faced lawsuits where they were forced to hire an attorney and spend much more than it would have cost for an attorney to review a contract. Our advice to all of our clients is to avoid the possibility of a lawsuit after the purchase or sale of a home, have an experienced real estate lawyer review your contract before signing it.

Commercial Real Estate Sales Contracts and Investments

Now while the above information is written to educate you about purchasing residential homes, this information also applies to investment homes and commercial property as well. In fact, commercial real estate is even more complex than residential real estate. The real estate sales contract for commercial real estate is extremely unique. As small as one paragraph or clause can change the contract in its entirety.

Real Estate Lawyers: Lulich Attorneys & Consultants

Our firm has been helping real estate clients for over 30 years. While our goal is to help our clients solve problems, we also try to educate you to avoid any potential problems in the future. Our staff has experience in real estate law, construction law, and contract law. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!