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You have a lot on your plate as a real estate agent. Between hosting open houses and listing properties, you also have to navigate complex legal matters. This is where partnering with a realtor lawyer in Sebastian could benefit you. The team at Lulich & Attorneys offers comprehensive legal help, from filling out important documents to closing. We offer no-obligation case reviews where you can learn about the many benefits of partnering with our firm. Contact a Sebastian real estate agent lawyer.

Services Lulich & Attorneys Can Provide to Your Real Estate Business

At our firm, we offer a multitude of real estate services that can enhance your business. With our team by your side, your clients can have the knowledge and skills of both an attorney and a real estate agent. We like to partner with real estate agents to provide the most comprehensive services possible to property owners in Sebastian and the surrounding area. If you have concerns throughout a transaction, having a trusted legal representative helps you avoid any problems. If a legal issue arises, we aim to resolve it quickly, so the transaction doesn’t get delayed. We can help you with:
  • Writing listing agreements
  • Explaining the obligations of the agent and client
  • Helping to fill out the seller’s disclosure
  • Addressing disclosure disputes
  • Explaining the terms of the sale or purchase
  • Negotiating or mediating issues that arise through the transaction
  • Representing you if someone claims there is a breach of contract
  • Providing legal representation if litigation becomes necessary
As a real estate agent, it can help your reputation to have a legal representative on your team. Potential clients will trust that you take real estate law seriously and protect them from various complications. With a lawyer on your side, you could even see your business grow.

We Help Real Estate Agents With Listing Agreements

The listing agreement is a contract between the property owner and the real estate broker. Its purpose is to confirm that the broker can act as a listing agent to sell the property based on the seller’s terms. It proves the buyer gave the real estate broker permission to put their house up for sale and outlines the commission the agent will receive upon a sale. Lulich & Attorneys has written many listing agreements, and we know all the components to add. We can also ensure it protects you as a real estate agent. Our team can write a listing agreement to ensure it is legally sound. Your listing agreement can specifically include:
  • The asking price of the property
  • The duties of the seller and broker
  • The fee the broker will receive
  • A description of the property
  • A list and description of any personal property included in the sale of the real property
  • Terms for mediation
  • An indication of the contract’s expiration date

We Help Real Estate Agents With These Listing Agreement Types

We help real estate agents with these listing agreements:
  • An exclusive right to sell: This is the most common type of listing agreement. An exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement means you’re the realtor that handles the entire transaction. You must find a buyer to purchase the property, and once you do, you can receive a commission for the sale.
  • Exclusive agency listing: Any agent within the broker’s agency can sell the home and receive a commission. If the seller acquires a buyer without the realtor’s help, they will not have to pay the real estate agent a commission.
  • Open listing: In this type of listing agreement, the seller only pays a commission to the agent if the home sells because of the agent’s efforts. Usually, real estate agents only choose this type of agreement if they are confident they can find a buyer.
Our legal team can work to ensure the listing agreement contains the parameters you want. We can also ensure it has all of the major components. Having all of the significant components in the listing agreement can protect you from complications. Once we have created the contract, you can review it to make sure it meets the required criteria.

We Help Agents in Sebastian Understand Their Obligations

Our attorneys can help you understand the fiduciary duties you have as a real estate agent. The fiduciary duties include loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, obedience, reasonable care and diligence, and accounting. When you have questions about these duties, our attorneys can provide information to make sure you’re fulfilling them. We can also ensure your clients fulfill their duties indicated in the real estate contract. Examples could include making appropriate repairs and filling out the seller’s disclosure accurately.

A Lawyer From Our Team Can Help With Seller’s Disclosure Statements

A seller’s disclosure is a legal document that requires sellers to provide details of their property’s current condition. This document helps buyers understand everything about the property they plan to purchase. A seller’s disclosure can help a property owner avoid getting sued after they sell their property. Filling out a seller’s disclosure is often a complicated process. Your client could require help as they fill it out. Our team understands what the seller needs to include in the disclosure to help avoid disagreements after the sale. Since it is a legal document, having an attorney look it over can help you avoid various pitfalls.

We Address Disclosure Disputes

If the buyer believes the seller concealed pertinent information about the property before purchase, they could file a lawsuit. Therefore, it is critical that sellers take the seller’s disclosure seriously to avoid disputes with the buyer. Often, buyers could blame their real estate agent for not providing enough guidance while filling out the forms. When our attorneys guide the seller through the seller’s disclosure form, we help you avoid having to deal with this issue. We can ensure the forms get filled out accurately and that the seller includes everything they need to. If the buyer sues the seller, we can provide representation to defend them through the dispute. Our firm has experience in supporting sellers during disclosure disputes.

We Make Tough Legal Jargon Easy to Understand

Real estate contracts have wordy language that is often difficult for laypeople to understand. However, the attorneys at our firm deal with legal contracts often and understand what these contracts state. If you have a question about an offer or sales contract, you can reach out to our attorneys for clarification. We can explain, in detail, every aspect of the contract, so your client knows what they are signing. Then, when we review the contract, we can also confirm its accuracy and that the stipulations reflect what is in your client’s best interest.

We Negotiate and Mediate Issues That Arise

Disputes in real estate are complex. They can also take a significant amount of time. Mediation and negotiating can allow a faster and less costly resolution instead of going through litigation. Our team can negotiate or mediate if there is a legal dispute regarding the purchase or sale of a property. During the mediation proceedings, we can apply the knowledge we have in commercial and residential real estate transactions. Disputes can happen during any real estate transaction phase, so it is important to have someone with extensive knowledge of the entire transaction mediate the dispute. When you work with our real estate attorneys, our goal is to find a resolution that works for both parties. With a quick resolution, the transaction can continue to proceed as planned.

We Offer Representation if Someone Claims a Breach of Contract

A real estate contract comes with four main elements: capable parties, lawful agreements, consideration, and offer and acceptance. If an involved party violates any of these elements, they could breach their contract and face legal penalties. A few examples of a breach of contract could occur when:
  • A buyer unjustly backs out of a sale.
  • A seller does not make necessary repairs to the property as promised.
  • An involved party violates a contingent offer or arrangement.
  • A seller does not disclose certain problems about a property.
  • A buyer makes an offer under false pretenses.
If your client’s transaction has caused either party to indicate there was a breach of contract, our attorneys can step in. We can represent your client through negotiations, mediation, or litigation to protect them. In addition, having a relationship with a realtor lawyer in Sebastian can quickly resolve problems as they arise.

We Can Provide Legal Representation if Litigation Is Necessary

If your client gets sued or needs to sue another party in the real estate transaction, our attorneys could litigate on their behalf. We understand real estate agents sometimes don’t know how to handle legal proceedings, and we can offer our insights when needed. Our team has litigators who have handled many real estate disputes. We understand real estate laws and can help your client receive a successful outcome with their case.

Lulich & Attorneys Helps Real Estate Agents With Transactions and More

When you partner with us, our lawyers can:
  • Check for liens: If your client is purchasing or selling a home, we can determine if the title is clear and if there are any liens recorded. If there are liens on the property, we can help to resolve them.
  • Review paperwork: We can review the paperwork to ensure it is free of clerical errors, forgeries, misrepresentations, or other issues that could impact a title.
  • Provide legal advice: Our firm always stays up to date on Florida laws regarding real estate. If you need legal advice about a contract or dispute, our team members can provide guidance.
  • Prepare documents: We can provide or prepare any necessary documentation to complete a current transaction.
  • Handle paperwork: Our attorneys can keep and organize any paperwork delivered by the buyer or seller. We can ensure all of the paperwork is ready for closing.
  • Confirm financing: We can work with the mortgage and insurance companies to confirm financing and insurance before the date of closing.
  • Schedule the closing: Our team can communicate with both the buyers and sellers to schedule a time to close on the property. We can confirm the date and time and ensure everyone comes to the closing.
  • Record documents with the county: Our legal team, which handles titles, can record the deed, mortgage, insurance, and other necessary documentation with the county.
With our team by your side, you can rest assured that your clients will have a smooth closing. Our attorneys have handled many closings and understand how to make the process easier for both real estate agents and their clients.

If Your Client Needs Title Insurance, We Can Provide It

We can provide title insurance that protects your client’s interests throughout the real estate transaction. Title insurance protects the property owner against any property loss because of liens, encumbrances, or defects in the title. It pays out when a property owner discovers issues with the deed after closing their real estate. Common issues could include:
  • Clerical errors
  • Incorrect descriptions of the property
  • False ownership claims
  • Undisclosed liens
  • Claims based on unpaid taxes or HOA fees
  • Hidden heirs
We can provide agents with guidance on how title insurance can benefit their clients.

Contact a Realtor Lawyer in Sebastian

Sebastian Real Estate LawyerIf you’re a real estate agent and want guidance from a realtor lawyer, contact our team for a consultation. During the consultation, we can discuss your needs. Our realtor attorneys can provide information about the services we can offer you and your clients. Partnering with our attorneys can help to protect your license and improve your reputation. You can contact us at (772) 492-4611. We’re ready to learn about your goals moving forward and how we can best serve you.  Reach out to a Sebastian real estate lawyer.

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