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Strong representation when you’re buying or selling a home

Real estate transactions often prove complex processes that require accuracy and detail when filling out contracts. To ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly, a real estate attorney could help. At Lulich & Attorneys, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you properly execute a property’s purchase or sale.

If you need help through a transaction, a Sebastian real estate lawyer from our firm can assist you with any of your needs. For example, we can help you draft documents, negotiate with the other party, and obtain title insurance if needed. Also, our attorneys can make the process faster so you can begin your life in a new home, close on a sale, or begin making money from your investment property.

Our Firm Understands Sebastian Real Estate Transactions

At Lulich & Attorneys, our firm can guide you through the entirety of your real estate transaction. By protecting your rights and serving your best interests, we can ensure your purchase, sale, or other real estate matters proceed as smoothly as possible. You can expect knowledgeable and professional legal representation when you work with our lawyers.

Choosing our firm for your real estate transaction can come with these benefits:

  • We’ve solved legal issues for over 35 years. Because we have worked in the legal field extensively, we can solve tough legal issues. Our knowledge means a more efficient legal process for you.
  • We can provide legal services in several areas of real estate, including title insurance, document prep, and more. Because we represent buyers and sellers, we can also handle all aspects of a real estate transaction.
  • We provide free case evaluations. With a free case review, you can learn how an attorney can help you through a real estate transaction without worrying about the costs. Our attorneys explain your legal fees clearly, so you have no surprises along the way.

The attorneys at our firm give each case and client the personalized attention needed throughout their case. We understand buying, selling, and managing real estate can sometimes prove stressful. Our firm wants to simplify that process so you can focus your time and energy elsewhere.

Types of Real Estate Matters Our Lawyers Can Assist You With

Our lawyers represent buyers, sellers, landlords, and business owners with:

  • Transactions
  • Title insurance
  • Foreclosure
  • Document preparation
  • Agent guidance

Our attorneys can also help you with several other legal matters related to real estate, such as estate planning, trust administration, and business law. If you don’t know if we can help you based on the list above, contact our team to learn more about our services.

Why You May Want a Sebastian Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate lawyer could help people who own homes, rent out their properties, and those currently buying or selling property. While using a real estate attorney through a transaction isn’t required, we can ensure you don’t make costly mistakes. We understand what common issues to anticipate and can prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.

We can help to streamline the real estate process.

Our attorneys can also:

  • Negotiate the contract: Having an attorney by your side can prove invaluable during contract negotiations. While real estate agents can help, an attorney from our firm could have more experience and better negotiating skills. A real estate contract is legally binding, so you may want to ensure a lawyer reviews any contract before you sign it.
  • Expedite the closing process: Because we streamline the process, it can help to bring a faster closing. When fewer legal issues arise, it makes it easier to complete the process.
  • Secure title insurance: Our firm is an attorney-led title company and can provide title insurance for your transaction. You can rest assured our team can review your title documents and provide the proper title insurance if needed.
  • Draft contracts: Our attorneys can ensure the contract drafts are developed appropriately, serve your best interests, and meet your objectives.
  • Check liens on the property: We can ensure there aren’t any liens on the property that could affect the purchase or sale.

During the entire process, we can take a proactive approach to any potential legal issues. While legal issues can arise, if they do, we can alleviate them as quickly as possible, so they don’t hold up the process.

Once you complete the real estate transaction and sign contracts, the title company must do certain tasks, like handle the title search and escrow. Since the title company normally bears these responsibilities, our attorneys can complete these tasks for you. So, you can rest assured that your lawyers can address these important details accurately and promptly.

We Can Help You Obtain Title Insurance

Sebastian Real Estate Lawyer

We recommend anyone buying property to secure title insurance.

When you work with our team, you can expect us to ensure you have the title insurance you need. In addition, our team can provide guidance on the types of title insurance you should get and provide you with a quote on how much it would cost you. Sometimes, title insurance proves crucial. After all, you could lose your investment if the title on a purchase isn’t clear. Several scenarios may require title insurance to reduce your risk.

Types of title issues that could affect a real estate sale include:

  • A clerical error on the house deed
  • If someone forged real estate documents
  • If an estate has any issues, such as if there are missing heirs
  • If someone makes a false ownership claim against the property, such as neighbors or other third parties
  • If someone signed any of the documents or deeds and they have a cognitive disability
  • If contractors who provided work put undisclosed liens on the property
  • If any claims exist against the property owner that they did not pay the proper amount of taxes, utilities, HOA fees, or other expenses that the property owner didn’t pay

Any other issues that affect who owns the home or its title could cause issues during the closing process. If a title company misses these issues, you could get left with the cost of fixing them. As an attorney-led title company, we can prevent the possibility that these issues will be missed.

Typically, title companies are independent third parties who do not represent either the buyer or the seller. They do not work for either side and, therefore, cannot provide legal advice. However, when you hire our team to represent you through a real estate transaction, you can expect us to provide you with legal advice on any title issues. We understand what common problems to anticipate and help you avoid them altogether.

Our Attorneys Can Help if Land Use Issues Arise

Sometimes, when development and other building projects commence, land use issues arise. These problems can happen for a variety of reasons, as complex laws dictate land use practices.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) indicates each level of government’s responsibility when it comes to land use.

The levels of government and their responsibilities include:

  • National: Environmental legislation has led to many laws and codes regarding land use at the national level.
  • State: States have the authority to regulate land use. Although, they may typically allow the local municipalities to direct how landowners can use their property.
  • Local: Local government can make county or city codes regarding land use. At the local level, zoning codes can change and greatly affect land uses.

If zoning codes change while you build a new property or undergo construction, land use issues can arise. For example, if you intend to build for residential use and it gets zoned for commercial use, that could cause issues. Our attorneys can advocate on your behalf that the area remains residentially zoned, or we can explain your other options to move forward.

If zoning changes around a development you manage, it could decrease the property’s value. Our real estate attorneys could work to make sure your property value doesn’t decrease because of local zoning changes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Law

Our real estate attorneys regularly get asked certain questions about real estate law. Below, we have provided answers to some of those frequently asked questions.

What Is a Real Estate Transaction?

A real estate transaction happens when a seller offers their home or property for sale. A buyer then agrees to purchase that property. The transaction means a legal transfer of ownership occurred. Both commercial and residential properties can be bought and sold. Our attorneys can help you whether you need assistance as a buyer or seller or whether you seek commercial or residential real estate.

How Can an Attorney Help With the Purchase or Sale of Real Estate?

The purchase or sale of a property can prove a complex process. Realtors can help with some of the aspects of these transactions, but you may want an attorney to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

They can help in a variety of ways, including:

  • Creating contract drafts and ensuring everything gets included
  • Reviewing existing contracts to protect your best interests
  • Explaining each aspect of the contract so you understand what you sign
  • Helping you to avoid unnecessary delays

For most people, real estate purchases constitute some of the largest purchases they make in their lives. Therefore, you likely want a knowledgeable person reviewing the contracts and ensuring you know exactly what you sign.

Why Would I Need a Lawyer to Litigate During a Real Estate Transaction?

You might want a lawyer to litigate on your behalf regarding a real estate transaction for several common reasons, including:

  • When you and another party face boundary disputes
  • When you face disputes with a homeowners association
  • If the contractor you chose to handle the construction continues to delay the process or if there are defects in the final product
  • If your tenant breaches their contract

Not all disputes require litigation to solve them. Sometimes, our attorneys can negotiate with the other party to reach a shared agreement. Negotiating is usually the first step to agreeing. If we can’t agree outside of the courtroom, our attorneys can prepare to fight for you in civil court.

What Is the Purpose of Zoning?

Zoning allows local, state, and national authorities to regulate how land gets used. It can either stimulate or slow down the development of a local area. You may see many advantages and disadvantages to zoning regulations.

Some of the advantages include:

  • It can promote growth and help communities reach their goals.
  • It can prevent the incompatible mixing of different industries. Examples of this include a school next to a dance club.
  • It can help to provide land and open space for recreational areas.
  • It gives the community control over how they use their land.

So, these can offer advantages and disadvantages for property or landowners. For example, developing properties in some areas might cost more because of the zoning regulations in that area. Another disadvantage is that property owners sometimes must relinquish some of their freedoms to help the common good.

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Sebastian Real Estate Lawyer

Having an attorney help with your real estate transaction means more than ensuring all documents get drafted correctly. For example, an attorney could negotiate the terms of the contract and ensure that no issues exist with the title. Without this representation, you could end up paying a lot of money to get out of costly mistakes. At our firm, we can always work to serve your best interests during the entire process.

Contact our real estate law firm today at (772) 492-4611 for a free consultation. A member of our team can discuss the terms of your case and explain how we can help. Since we provide a free case review, you don’t have to worry about losing money to determine if our firm is right for you. We want you to choose without worrying about a financial obligation. Our firm looks forward to hearing from you so we can help to make the real estate process smoother for you.

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