Insurance Company Secrets – Lulich & Attorneys

Insurance Company Secrets – Lulich & Attorneys

At the top of the list of insurance company secrets is that they don’t want victims to hire a lawyer. Insurance companies will attempt to discourage you from hiring a lawyer because they know the lawyer will protect your rights. They understand, in most cases, an experienced lawyer can obtain more money for the victim – even after the lawyer’s fees are taken into account than victims get on their own. Think about it. Insurance companies hire defense counsel to advise them. They employ defense lawyers to represent their insured in court. You need an experienced and respected Florida car accident attorney fighting for you.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 3,174 people were killed in a car accident in 2016. Many more people were injured. Insurance companies don’t want to pay high damages for each of these cases.

Additional insurance company secrets

  • Insurance companies aren’t your friend. Though they may sound courteous and warm on the phone, the friendliness is just a cover to get you to say things against your interest. The insurance company wants you to say that you weren’t really hurt. They want you to imply that maybe you contributed to the car accident.
  • They want to know your habits because they may even hire an investigator to follow you. Insurance companies do hire private investigators. These investigators work to see if you are throwing a football, playing with your kids, or doing anything that suggests you’re not really hurt. The investigators will speak to neighbors and employers to see if you might be working. The investigators may even take photographs and videos of you.
  • Their doctors are not really trying to help you. Insurance companies may request that you obtain an independent medical examination. They’ll tell you it’s just smart to get a second opinion. Don’t buy this pitch. The independent doctors are going to try to show your doctors are dragging out your treatment. The independent physicians want to argue that you’re ready to go back to work now. It’s a well-known insurance company secret that companies use independent exams to show you’re healthy. A respected Florida car accident lawyer prepares you for the independent medical examination.

Some additional insurance company secrets

Insurance company secrets include arguing that a quick settlement is in your best interest. The insurance adjuster will often give you an early offer to settle your claim. They are doing this because they know if accident victims wait to settle, the victim will get more money. This is because those who wait understand how serious their injuries are. Victims should never settle until they understand their long-term prognosis. Will their broken arm heal properly? Is the pain in their back ever going to really go away?

  • Insurance companies know you're under financial pressure. Lawyers can explain why you can afford to wait. An experienced Florida accident lawyer can explain that PIP and MedPay should pay some of your initial medical bills and lost wages. You can likely use your own health insurance to pay additional medical bills. Doctors and other health providers will often agree to postpone payment until your case settles.
  • The company wants to review your medical records to see if you had a pre-existing injury.
  • The company may give you a low-ball offer even though they know the true value of your case is much higher.
  • They may argue that you caused the accident even when it’s clear you did not.
  • The insurance company may say they love going to trial. You should take their current offer. This is not true. Adjusters understand that jury verdicts are often higher than settlement amounts. Insurance companies have to pay their defense counsel – win or lose.

Insurance businesses make lots of money. They can afford to pay you the policy limits if your case merits the policy coverage. That’s why insurance companies make people pay large premiums. To cover the possibility of large damage awards.