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Motorcycle accident lawyers SebastianMotorcycles are a fun way to get around Sebastian – especially when the weather is nice. The sun on your forehead and the wind rushing through your hair can be a thrill. For some riders, motorcycles are the only transportation they can afford. The joy and cost-effectiveness of motorcycles do have a downside. Motorcycles offer little to no protection if there’s an accident. Cars and trucks often don’t respect the right of the motorcycle rider on the road. When Sebastian motorcycle accidents, many riders suffer catastrophic-life-changing injuries.

At Lulich & Attorneys, our Sebastian motorcycle accident attorneys have been fighting for injury victims and the families of deceased victims for 35 years. We have the resources and experience to help you get justice. Our team works with investigators and the police to help determine the cause of the motorcycle accident and who’s responsible. We work with your medical team to verify your injuries, explain what treatments you need, and show just how drastically the accident has changed your life. We often settle motorcycle accidents, with our client’s consent, for large amounts. When necessary, our lawyers are ready to try your case before a jury.

Why are motorcycle accidents in Sebastian so dangerous?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcycle accident statistics confirm that 5,014 people died in fatal motorcycle accidents, nationwide, in 2018. Motorcycle accidents, proportionally, are more common that car or truck accidents.

Motorcycle accidents cause more deaths and more catastrophic injuries than car or truck accidents because a motorcycle can’t match the weight, dimensions, size, and mass of a truck or car. Motorcycles don’t have a front, hood, trunk, or sides to protect a rider. Usually, when a motorcycle crash occurs, the riders either fall off their motorcycle onto the hard pavement at high speeds or the drivers are crushed or hurt by the truck, car, or roadway object that crash into.

Motorcycle rider education courses help reduce fatalities and injuries.. Drivers should take more advanced courses as they gain experience. In addition to learning how to drive the motorcycle, owners and drivers should understand when and how to inspect their motorcycle for any problems that may require repairs.

Why do Sebastian motorcycle accidents occur?

A major cause of motorcycle accidents is that a car or truck driver doesn’t respect the right of the motorcycle rider to be on the road or they just don’t see the motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are usually due to cars that:

  • Drive faster than the speed limit or too fast for traffic and weather conditions
  • Drive while intoxicated
  • Drive while distracted
  • Fail to see the motorcycle
  • Fail to observe the Florida traffic laws
  • Don’t give the motorcycle enough room to pass

Motorcycle accidents involving just the motorcycle are often caused because the motorcycle driver:

  • Is going too fast
  • Takes a curve too fast or improperly
  • Wasn’t trained on how to drive the motorcycle
  • Doesn’t know how to drive with other motorcycle riders
  • Hits an object in the road – such as a pothole or dead animal
  • Doesn’t drive properly for the weather conditions
  • Drives over uneven or different surfaces
  • Doesn’t secure or protect the passenger

Passengers can file a negligence claim against the driver/owner of the motorcycle who is negligent. Drivers may have a claim against other parties such as a manufacturer of a defective motorcycle part or the Florida Department of Transportation.

What should you do if you’re involved in a Sebastian motorcycle crash?

There are a few basic steps motorcycle riders should take if they are involved in a motorcycle accident:

  • Focus on your injuries. You should contact the police so they can arrange for emergency medical transportation. The ambulance or EMT services will normally take to you to the nearest emergency room. If necessary, the police or emergency services may arrange for a helicopter. If the victim is burned, he/she may be taken to a burn center.
  • Exchange contact information. If you don’t need emergency medical help, you should request from the other driver and give the other driver – your name, address, phone number, and insurance information.
  • Cooperate with the police. The police will determine if anyone needs immediate medical help. They’ll move any vehicles/motorcycles to a safe location. The police will conduct a review of the accident site and possible causes. An analysis by the police is just a starting point. The police don’t decide liability. The police may issue traffic citations if anyone violated a Florida traffic law. If the police suspect someone was driving under the influence, they will likely conduct field sobriety and breathalyzer tests. If someone tragically died, the police will arrange with the family to transport the deceased to a Sebastian morgue.
  • Contact your insurance carrier. You must let your own insurance carrier know there was a motorcycle accident. They have a right to investigate the claim. Your own insurance carrier may be responsible to pay some of your damages through your uninsured/underinsurance (UM/UIM) policy if the driver that hit the motorcycle didn’t have liability insurance or didn’t have enough insurance.
  • Call your lawyer. Your lawyer will explain what steps you should and shouldn’t take. For example, you should not talk to or settle your claim with the insurance company for the negligent driver – without talking to your lawyer first. The liability insurance company wants to pay as little as possible. They’re not your friend.

How does a skilled motorcycle lawyer fight for Sebastian accident victims?

Our skilled Sebastian motorcycle accident lawyers guide you through each phase of the motorcycle litigation process:

  • We begin by explaining the terms of our representation. We handle all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that we only receive a legal fee if your case settles to your satisfaction or if there is a verdict in your favor. This way, you have no upfront fees. This way, we have a strong incentive to get the best result possible because the more compensation you get, the more we get. If the case is successful we receive an agreed-upon percentage of the recovery.
  • Our lawyers explain each phase of the litigation process. We understand that injury victims and the families of a beloved relative who tragically dies in a motorcycle crash are very upset. You have a lot of questions. We’re happy to answer those questions. As the case progresses, you’ll want to understand each phase. We’ll inform you and prepare you for each phase of the case.
  • Our investigators help determine the cause of the motorcycle crash. We send investigators to the scene of the accident to take pictures and/or videos of the accident site so it’s clear who had the right of way, what the lanes of travel were, where the signs and signals were, and what any other relevant traffic conditions existed. Investigators also examine all the vehicles and speak with the witnesses.
  • We review who may be responsible for the Sebastian motorcycle collision. As we explain elsewhere in this article, many people may be responsible in addition to a negligent driver.
  • Our lawyers file complaints against all responsible parties and respond to any pleadings the defendants may file.
  • We use the Florida discovery process to conduct oral examinations of the defendants and all witnesses. We submit written questions and requests for documents to the parties to help confirm their insurance coverage and to help show that they were responsible for your injuries or the death of a relative. We help prepare you for the questions they may ask you.
  • Our skilled lawyers work to negotiate settlements. When the case is ripe, we submit a demand letter to the insurance carrier(s). We then try to work out a settlement based on the strengths of your case and the severity of your injuries.

If the case doesn’t settle, we prepare you for the trial and try your case before a jury of your peers. Many cases that haven’t settled yet often do settle before the jury trial begins.

Do Sebastian motorcycle riders need to wear a helmet?

Riders under 21 must wear a helmet. Riders who are 21 or older and don’t have an insurance policy that provides $10,000 or more in medical benefits must wear a helmet. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department, all other motorcycle riders don’t have to wear a helmet – though helmet use is generally a good idea.

Proof of insurance includes “a health insurance card (or actual policy or declarations page) from an HMO or Blue Cross/Blue Shield or some other recognized health insurance provider as proof of required medical insurance. The card must show current insurance coverage.” You don’t qualify for the motorcycle insurance requirement if just have PIP coverage through a personal passenger vehicle policy.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motorcycles account for a disproportionally high amount of traffic deaths. In the US, in 2016 (according to data from the NHTSA), motorcycles accounted for 14% of all US traffic fatalities and 17% when passengers are included.

Wearing a helmet (drivers and passengers) decreases the danger of death in a motorcycle accident by 37% and the danger of head trauma by 69%.

Is a motorcycle education course helpful?

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department recommends different courses depending on the skill level of the motorcycle operator:

  • The Basic Rider’s Course (BRC) has extra benefits besides imparting knowledge and safety advice. If you pass the course, you get a discount on your insurance. Notice that you passed the course is sent to the Florida Division of Driver’s License. The BRC provides classroom and hands-on advice. Students learn “basic controls that includes clutch/throttle control, straight-line riding, turning and shifting. Finally, moving on to the more advanced skills to include stopping quickly, cornering and swerving.”

The test involves a riding component and a knowledge part. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation prepares the course of study which takes two days. Riders should wear long pants, a long-sleeve shirt, have full-fingered gloves, and have “protective shatterproof eye-wear such as sunglasses or goggles.” Helmets aren’t required but they are suggested.

  • Courses for advanced motorcycle riders

What types of injuries do Sebastian motorcycle accident victims need treatment for?

Sadly, many motorcycle rider accidents cause fatalities. We file wrongful death cases on behalf of the family of the deceased.

Some of the many types of injuries survivors of motorcycle crashes suffer include:

  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Amputation
  • Paralysis
  • Fractured bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Road rash
  • Ligament, Muscle, tissue, and nerve damage
  • Back, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Burn injuries

If you’re hurt in a Sebastian motorcycle accident, what healthcare providers will you need to see?

Drivers and passengers who are hurt in a motorcycle accident often need to be examined and/or treated by some or many of the following healthcare providers:

  • Emergency medical technicians. When you’re injured, EMT personnel should come to the scene of the accident, provide initial care, and arrange for you to be transported to the closest medical facility.
  • Emergency room staff. ER doctors make an initial diagnosis and decide whether you should be admitted to the hospital.
  • Odds are if you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident, you’ll need to treat with different specialists. Neurosurgeons, orthopedists, and general surgeons may provide surgical care. Many victims need to treat with pain management doctors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons.
  • Most motorcycle accident victims require different types of therapy for weeks, months, or even longer.
    • Physical therapists. These health providers focus on your musculoskeletal system. PTs usually develop a series of exercises to help accident victims regain mobility, strength, and balance.
    • Occupational therapists. OTs assist with daily living tasks and assistive devices such as wheelchairs and computer devices.
    • Vocational therapists. These healthcare professions help victims redevelop the skills they need to return to work or help victims acquire new skills for new jobs

What compensation do experienced Sebastian motorcycle accident lawyers seek?

We understand that no settlement or verdict will allow you to fully heal or compensate a family if a beloved relative dies. Damage awards are meant to compensate victims for their suffering and economic losses. Damage awards should make the victim’s life as near as possible to the life they had before the accident happened.

At Lulich & Attorneys, our respected personal injury lawyers are often able to settle motorcycle accident cases. When insurance companies fail to make reasonable settlement offers, we have the experience, skills, and resources to try your case before a jury.

Motorcycle accident victims often suffer catastrophic or permanent injuries. For many victims, their lives are never the same. Our lawyers demand compensation from all responsible parties for the following damages:

  • Medical bills – include ER treatment, surgeries, hospital stays, visits with specialists, and visits with your family doctor. This category also includes payment for your physical therapy and all other types of therapy. You’re also entitled to payment for all the medications you need and the medical devices (such as braces, wheelchairs, and prosthetics) you require.
  • Lost income. You’re entitled to be paid for the wages and profits you lose and will lose due to the negligence of everyone who caused your injuries
  • Your physical pain and emotional suffering. This incudes the constant aches, the getting up in the middle of the night because you can’t sleep, the worries, and anxieties – and many other types of physical and emotional suffering.
  • Loss of consortium. This is the lack of intimacy between you and your spouse

We also demand compensation for any scarring and disfigurement, any loss of function of any body part, and for the damage to your motorcycle.

We may demand punitive damages for completely inexcusable conduct such as if a drunk driver caused the motorcycle accident.

If a Sebastian motorcycle accident causes a fatality, what are the wrongful death damages?

We advise the personal representative of the deceased how to file a wrongful death case on behalf of the surviving family members. In Florida, wrongful damages include:

  • The funeral and burial expenses
  • The “loss of support and services” suffered by each family member because the loved one was killed– depending on the relationship status and other factors
  • The spouse’s loss of companionship and protection, mental pain and anguish
  • The children’s loss of parental guidance and companionship
  • Each minor child’s pain and anguish
  • The loss of financial support the deceased would have provided had he/she survived.

Who is responsible for a Sebastian motorcycle accident?

We file personal injury claims and wrongful death claims against one or more of the following:

  • The negligent driver.
  • The owner of the car, truck, or vehicle that caused the accident.
  • Manufacturers of defective motorcycle parts. Generally, in motorcycle accident cases, the manufacturer is strictly liable for and injuries/deaths caused by a defective motorcycle part.
  • Any entity that sells alcohol to a driver when the driver is visibly drunk - and the driver’s inebriation causes the crash.
  • Governmental entities, such as the Florida Department of Transportation, that failed to properly design or maintain the road where the accident happened.

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