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Buses are a convenient and economical way to get around—getting children to school, commuting to work, or sightseeing on vacation. However, buses have inherently serious safety concerns. If you are in a bus accident, it can change your life forever. Those injured in such an accident should immediately consult a Sebastian bus accident attorney.

When you choose Lulich & Attorneys, you hire a team that will proactively approach your case, tirelessly pursuing accountability for your pain and suffering. We promise to vigorously advocate for your rights, working tirelessly to maximize your chances of securing the full compensation you rightfully deserve.

Why Choose Lulich & Attorneys

Sebastian Bus Accident Lawyer

At Lulich & Attorneys, we understand the challenges and hardships that bus accident victims face, and we are here to provide unwavering support. When we take on a case involving injuries caused by someone else's negligence, we secure fair and just compensation for our clients.

We firmly believe that injury victims shouldn't bear the burden of medical expenses or financial losses resulting from accidents they didn't cause. Our commitment lies in holding those liable for bus accidents fully accountable for their actions.

Our attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis to ease the financial strain on our clients during this difficult time. As such, we don't require any upfront payment from our clients.

Instead, we allocate our resources to conduct thorough investigations and handle all case-related tasks. Our fees depend on the compensation we recover for our clients, ensuring they only pay us if we succeed in settling or winning their case.

With over 35 years of dedicated service to injured clients in Sebastian, Vero Beach, and Indian River County, we have earned the trust of numerous individuals and families within our communities. Our team has highly experienced personal injury lawyers.

Our success shines through our credentials and the resounding praise we've received, with over 180 five-star reviews and numerous heartfelt testimonials from our clients.

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How Much Is My Bus Accident Case Worth

Sebastian Bus Accident Lawyer

Determining the exact worth of a bus accident injury claim can be a complex and lengthy process, as numerous variables come into play.

Each bus accident is unique, making assigning a specific value to such claims impossible. However, state laws regarding fault, insurance policy limits, and other key factors are crucial in these cases. Below are some crucial factors that can influence the calculation of a bus accident settlement:

Nature and Severity of Injuries

Bus accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, varying in severity. The extent of these injuries is a significant factor in calculating potential settlements. For instance, a passenger with minor injuries may receive a different compensation amount compared to someone who has suffered paralysis due to the accident.

Current and Future Medical Expenses

Medical bills can escalate substantially after a bus accident, depending on the type and severity of injuries. For instance, severe spinal cord injuries like high tetraplegia can incur substantial costs.

Considering all past, present, and future medical expenses is crucial when calculating the compensation for a bus accident. This may include hospital bills, surgery costs, prescription medications, and other necessary treatments.

Loss of Income 

Compensation for lost income during recovery is a financial consideration in every injury claim. Often, injured parties miss work due to their limited physical abilities or for attending medical appointments.

In addition, if the injury hinders a return to one's previous occupation, they can seek additional compensation for transitioning to a lower-paying job or a career change.

Property Damage

If the victim's vehicle sustained damage in the accident, they may recover compensation for repairs or replacement. The insurance company typically determines whether repair or replacement is the most viable option. Compensation for damaged personal items like glasses and phones may also be a factor in the value of the bus accident claim.

Pain and Emotional Distress

Bus accidents can lead to significant emotional trauma, and victims may seek damages for pain and suffering. Suppose the accident has left you in a state of emotional distress for an extended period. In that case, you want to include this in your bus accident settlement claim.

A comprehensive legal evaluation is necessary to determine the appropriate compensation in a bus accident claim. Consult an experienced Sebastian bus accident attorney to ensure that you consider all relevant factors in the settlement calculation.

Where Do Accidents Occur in Sebastian

Bus accidents can occur anywhere Go Line or other bus services go in and around Sebastian, including bus stops and the following roadways and intersections:

  • I-95
  • Roseland Road and U.S. Highway 1
  • Roseland Road and Sebastian Boulevard (CR-512)
  • Schumann Drive and U.S. Highway 1
  • Sebastian Boulevard (CR-512)
  • Fleming Street and Sebastian Boulevard
  • Barber Street and U.S. Highway 1
  • Barber Street and Schumann Drive
  • 66th Avenue
  • Old Dixie Highway
  • CR-510
  • Indian River Drive
  • 58th Avenue

Bus Accident Claims

Passenger Van Accidents

Numerous small organizations, including schools, churches, and local charities, rely on 15-passenger vans for transporting individuals, goods, and various items. However, these vans have high centers of gravity, making them more susceptible to rollovers.

Many insurance companies have opted to discontinue coverage in response to the increased risk associated with these vans. The Department of Transportation (DOT) issued warnings regarding their use, emphasizing the elevated likelihood of rollovers. They urged drivers to exercise additional caution when operating these vehicles, especially if carrying ten or more passengers.

Despite these warnings, the auto industry continues to manufacture these vans. If you sustained injuries due to a 15-passenger van accident in the Sebastian area, consult a Sebastian bus accident lawyer. You should not bear the financial burden of medical expenses from an accident involving these inherently hazardous vehicles.

Go Line Bus Accidents

While gaining popularity, public buses still lack certain safety features, such as seat belts. This absence of safety measures, combined with hazardous road and traffic conditions, can make them particularly dangerous.

News reports often highlight the devastating consequences of public bus accidents, which can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Complicating matters, Go Line is a government-controlled entity, which can make claims processes intricate and challenging to navigate.

Engage our Sebastian bus accident lawyers. We can take over the process, ensuring you understand the necessary steps to seek rightful compensation.

School Bus Accidents

Millions of children are transported on yellow school buses yearly. Unfortunately, around 9,700 children sustain injuries annually in school bus accidents. If you or your child were in a school bus accident, you may file a claim against the driver or owner of the bus. Seek representation from a Sebastian bus accident lawyer to secure compensation.

Shuttle Bus Accidents

Shuttle buses, commonly used by hotels, airports, and large establishments, offer convenient transportation for numerous individuals. However, their size and configuration make them more prone to accidents than other bus types. Their unique shape and frequent stops can create blind spots, increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Types of Bus Accident Injuries

Bus accident injuries can range from minor to severe. Some can, unfortunately, even be fatal.

The most common bus accident injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Internal injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Head, neck, and spine injuries
  • Amputations
  • Psychological injuries

Results for Past Clients

Our Sebastian personal injury attorneys know how to go after results that matter, including these six-figure settlements:

  • $250,000.00 settlement for a motorcycle victim who was injured through no fault to his own. The accident resulted in serious injuries which led the victim to experiencing debilitating shoulder and back pain and resulted in a surgical operation. 
  • $275,000.00 settlement for a child who was injured in a motor vehicle accident. The accident resulted in serious back pain, PTSD, and lifelong injuries as a result of the negligent driver. 
  • $150,000.00 settlement for an individual who slipped and fell after her roofing company failed to properly secure and repair her roof. She sustained permanent injuries to her neck, shoulder, and lower back. 
  • $250,000.00 settlement for a client who was negligently rear ended by a semi-truck which resulted in permanent back pain, shoulder pain, and ultimately resulted in a shoulder operation. 

Fighting the Insurance Company

Suppose you suffered an injury due to someone else's negligence in a bus accident. In that case, we can explain your rights and seek compensation for your injuries and associated costs.

Unfortunately, many victims don’t know the full extent of their rights, and insurance companies will exploit this lack of knowledge. They employ various tactics to deny or undervalue car accident claims.

Here are some key strategies they may use, along with advice on how to protect yourself:

  • Early contact: Be cautious when the at-fault party's insurance company contacts you shortly after the accident. This early outreach often aims to catch you in a vulnerable state before you've had a chance to assess your injuries or consult a lawyer. The insurance company hopes you will fall for their initial low settlement without seeking further information.
  • Delays: While they may reach out promptly, insurance companies might drag their feet when processing your claim. This delay tactic aims to wear you down and potentially lead you to settle for less or get so tired of dealing with the matter that you drop it entirely.
  • Lowball settlement offers: In the immediate aftermath of an accident, stress and financial concerns are high. The insurance company might offer a quick, low settlement that doesn't adequately cover your damages. Resist the temptation and wait to negotiate for a fair settlement.
  • Disputing the cause of injuries: Insurers may attempt to argue that some of your injuries predate or postdate the accident. Seeking immediate medical attention after an accident helps establish a clear link between your injuries and the incident.
  • Seeking recorded statements: Never give a recorded statement about the accident and your injuries. Consult a knowledgeable Sebastian bus accident attorney instead.
  • False claims about damages: Some insurers may assert that particular damages, like pain and suffering or lost income, aren't fully available. This tactic may persuade you to accept less.
  • Discouraging legal representation: Insurance companies know that hiring a lawyer increases your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. They might dissuade you, but legal representation levels the playing field, which you need to do to receive full and fair compensation.

Remember, the insurance company is not your ally in this situation. Seek the guidance of a car accident lawyer who will advocate for your rights from the outset. They can protect you from the insurance company's tactics to deny or devalue your injury claim.

What to Do After a Bus Accident 

After seeking initial medical attention, you can strengthen your case following a bus accident. These actions can significantly affect the success of your claim, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. Here's what you can do:

Stick to Your Medical Treatment Plan

Follow your doctor's recommended treatment plan diligently. This demonstrates your commitment to recovery and provides a clear record of your injuries and their progression.

Maintain Detailed Records

Keep careful records of all medical interventions, prescribed medications, doctor consultations, and expenses related to your injury. Organize these documents in a file along with receipts for injury-related costs. This meticulous record-keeping serves as crucial evidence of your injuries and damages.

Document Your Recovery Journey

Keep a journal to chronicle your injuries, symptoms, and any limitations they impose on your daily life. Detail your pain levels and any activities or hobbies you missed because of your injuries. This journal will provide valuable insight into the impact of the accident on your life and serve to establish your non-economic damages.

Obtain Official Bus Accident Reports

If there was a police or incident report after the accident, obtain a copy. These documents can contain vital information about the circumstances of the accident, contributing factors, and any statements made by involved parties.

Bring all this information to your Sebastian bus accident attorney at Lulich & Attorneys. We have the knowledge and skill to navigate the legal complexities of your case and advocate for your rights effectively.

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 Bus Accident Attorney in Sebastian, Steven Lulich
Bus Accident Lawyer in Sebastian, Steven Lulich

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