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The secrets of Insurance Adjustors

Our law firm has been practicing Personal Injury law for over thirty years. We have extensive experience dealing with settling personal injury claims with insurance adjustors. We have learned about the secrets that insurance adjustors use when negotiating.

They don’t want you to hire an Attorney

Insurance companies do not want you to be represented by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. While we have seen many instances where insurance adjustors discourage individuals from retaining an attorney, one secret is that the insurance company has many attorneys that work for them.

Doesn’t it seem counterintuitive that they have attorneys and at the same time try to dissuade you from hiring one? We constantly advise our clients that insurance adjustors, as nice as they may be, are NOT on your side. The goal of insurance adjustors lies with making as much money as they can for their insurance company.

Insurance Adjustors receive training and education

One reason they do not want you to hire an attorney is that then they would be against a skilled negotiator, like themselves. Insurance adjusters have extensive experience learning different techniques about how to negotiate.

After all, they do get paid to negotiate with those who are injured in an accident. Individuals who are not represented by an attorney do not know the tactics that insurance adjusters use for negotiating purposes.

They want to talk to you, and for good reasons!

 After a car accident, fall, or medical services that have gone wrong, insurance adjustors will and try to talk to you. But don’t! They attempt to retrieve information from you about what happened.

But, what do they do with this information? They use it against you. They take your words and they twist it and make it appear to have a meaning that you didn’t intend. Their goal is to try to make an injury appear that is not favorable for you, but their company.

They will try to slow down the process and will advocate for a quick settlement

Insurance adjusters will often try to quickly settle with accident victims. They know and understand that the case may be worth more, but to avoid you from doing more research, they will offer a low amount to “make you go away.”

On the contrary, another tactic that insurance companies use is that they will draw out the process to make it long and tedious. They hope that you, as an injured victim, will forget or just simply give up.

Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

An experienced attorney will put your priorities first. They will represent you with your interest’s mind and will give you an equal fight against the insurance companies. Take advantage of our FREE CONSULTATIONS, and talk to one of our personal injury attorneys

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