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After a Car Accident, Never Do These 6 Things  

Vero Beach and Sebastian Car Accidents are never any fun. Recently, my car ended up in a canal in Sebastian, Florida. That's right. I was involved in an accident. It wasn’t a catastrophic, death-causing auto accident; however, a 5-ton suburban negligently collided into my little 2-door coupe. The impact caused me to lose control of the wheel and end up in a small canal. Thankfully everyone walked away from the vehicle, but sadly the accident totaled my little two-door coupe, which was replaced with a four-door sedan. Going through the accident reminded me of the stress that car accident victims endure. An accident involves many parties from the tow truck company to the police investigator to the medical doctors to the insurance companies. This article is to advise you or a loved one if in the future you are a party to an accident. Make sure you don't do these six things after a car accident. 

Never Leave the Scene of a Vero Beach and Sebastian Car Accident:

This may end up costing you…. your liberties. That’s right. Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal charge in the State of Florida. Don’t be impatient after an accident, wait for the police to come, and give a full report to the attending officer. In the long term, this will help you tremendously with the insurance company.

Forget to call 911

In some jurisdictions, neglecting to call 911 counts as a criminal charge too! The benefits of calling 911 outweigh any consideration of not calling them. The purpose of a 911 call is to clarify the details of an accident. This can be extremely useful in your car accident case. Consequently, many months later, it will be difficult to remember what happened.

Admit Fault

Emotions are high, anxiety is present after an accident, and people are not thinking straight. Drivers will be blaming other drivers who were at fault, and people would foolishly be claiming that they caused the accident. Refrain from admitting you were at fault. The job of the experts is to determine who is at fault. We are not saying don’t talk to the police officer about what happened. Rather just tell the police officers the facts about what happened.

 Don’t Speak to the other party’s insurance company without your lawyer

You will likely receive a call from the other side's insurance company. Don’t talk to them without your lawyer. You are entitled to an attorney. Therefore, once you let the insurance company know that they should talk to your attorney, they shouldn’t contact you again!

Don’t File a lawsuit on your own

While some people consider filing a lawsuit on your own, don’t do it. We talked about what the insurance companies don’t want you to know in this article. The truth is that insurance adjusters go through training on how to negotiate. They know that they can take advantage of individuals not represented by a lawyer. Thus, you will be more compensated for your injuries with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Don’t Forget to See a Medical Doctor

It’s really a shame. Many people choose not to see a medical doctor, and then weeks or months later, they have pain from the accident. We have to advise them, that it’s too late at that point. Commonly, pain takes time, days, or even weeks to kick in. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor within 2-3 days of an accident.

Talk to an Experienced Vero Beach and Sebastian Car Accident Lawyer

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