Sebastian Property Law

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or hold on to your real estate in Sebastian, Florida,you need a lawyer who understands relevant local, state, and federal laws. Every real estate transaction must meet certain legal standards and ensure both parties can exercise their rights accordingly. Reach out to a Sebastian property lawyer.

Lulich & Attorneys is your go-to resource for Sebastian property law. Our real estate legal team is here to help you protect your rights and interests in real estate transactions and other related matters. Call our firm to begin a consultation and let us know how we can help facilitate your business or personal real estate affairs.

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Types of Sebastian Property Law Cases We Can Handle

Property law extends into several other areas of law because we use real estate and personal possessions in every single area of our lives.

Our lawyers can handle a variety of property law cases, including:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Commercial and residential real estate disputes
  • Abandoned property
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Estate planning
  • Probate
  • Business deals
  • Debt

Our attorneys are familiar with state property laws and the City of Sebastian code of ordinances and can handle your deals and disputes. You can rely on our law firm to protect your interests under the law.

The State Governs Property Laws

While the federal government endows each citizen with the right to own property, state law largely rules over this arena. Further, the local government creates and enforces some aspects of property law.

Property Owner Rights

In general, state law endows each property owner with certain rights. The Property Owner Bill of Rights provides a brief list.

They include the right to:

  • Acquire, possess, and protect your property
  • Use and enjoy your property
  • Exclude others from your property
  • Dispose of your property
  • Due process
  • Receive fair compensation for property taken for a public purpose
  • Relief, or payment of compensation when the state or a political entity’s new law, rule, or regulation unfairly affects your property

The above is not a comprehensive list of property owner rights. If you’re engaging in real estate transactions or involved in any disputes, a Sebastian property law attorney at our firm can help you understand your rights and duties under the law and represent you throughout the process.

What a Property Lawyer at Our Firm Serving Sebastian Can Do for You

Property law involves residential property, commercial property, government purchases, and private associations. As your legal representatives, our team can help with a variety of areas, such as:

Transferring Property Ownership

Our property lawyers can guide you through transferring ownership of real estate and personal property through a sale or gift. We can help you decide the type of ownership that best suits your goals and property, prepare legal documents, and facilitate the actual sales or gifting process.

Zoning Laws

Zoning laws could limit what you can do with your property. These laws may restrict a property to residential, commercial, or industrial use. They could also restrict what kinds of additions you can make to the property, where those additions can be made, the hours of construction, or the type of vehicles that can be in the area, among other things.

A Sebastian property lawyer from our firm can help you understand the zoning laws in your area and ensure your real estate endeavors comply with the law.

Private Association and Land Use

Property law includes homeowners association laws. With that, private associations like homeowners associations can also restrict the property usage of owners and renters.

We can help establish your private associations and create legally enforceable rules and policies that govern what property owners are allowed to do. 

Eminent Domain

The government has a right to confiscate private land for public use. While it may seem unfair, this right of eminent domain is endowed by the constitution. The government is allowed to take the land regardless of objection; however, it must compensate the property owner fairly. There are some restrictions to eminent domain, and owners who do not wish to give up their land often challenge them. 

How Our Sebastian Property Lawyers Can Help You With Real Estate Transactions

Our law firm serving Sebastian can assist with many of your property law needs. Having our real estate attorney on your side can be an asset to your case, especially given the amount of money often involved in real estate transactions.

Mistakes made through the real estate transaction process could cause unexpected delays, expenses, and liability in the future. But our attorneys can save you time and money.

Among our duties, we can help you with the following:

At the foundational level, our lawyer’s job is to protect your rights and ensure you are in compliance with the law. In fact, compliance with the law is what allows us to protect your rights. Failure to meet legal obligations may result in unnecessary fines, penalties, and costs in addition to opening you up to liability or otherwise undermining the sale.

When you work with Lulich & Attorneys, we make sure we meet the legal requirements of a real estate transaction, such as filing proper documents at the state and county levels. We can ensure your sale is properly completed and legally valid.

Meeting Transaction Deadlines

Our Sebastian real estate lawyers can help you meet important legal and contractual deadlines related to your real estate transaction. Missing these could lead to the deal falling through, raising your costs, and creating problems with accountability if there are issues with the other party fulfilling its obligations.

Our property lawyers can help you manage your closing calendar, help you keep track of property inspections, help you manage timelines, complete paperwork, and meet state or county deadlines that apply to your transaction.

Drafting and Reviewing Documents

We help create the legal contracts and documentation that you need to complete your real estate deal. We ensure forms are filled out accurately and that your contracts, such as the sale agreement, reflect your stipulations for the purchase. Stipulations could include deadlines, costs to be covered and by whom, and the duties of each party.

We work with both sides to create a sales contract that is beneficial to all parties to the best of our ability. We can also review existing contracts and documentation for any gaps, errors, or ambiguous language that could damage your rights or negatively affect the transaction.

An attorney at our law firm serving Sebastian property law clients can review and explain any documents related to your real estate transaction. Whether you’re buying or selling a property, it’s crucial that you understand the terms you’re agreeing to, the documentation you’re signing, and how they affect you and your property now and in the future.

Legal documents are generally riddled with confusing and archaic language that makes them difficult to interpret without a background in law or experience handling real estate deals. Our lawyers can simplify the documents and ensure you don’t miss any key information.

Facilitating Property Negotiations

Our property lawyers serving Sebastian can help you work out terms of an agreement that are beneficial to both parties but ultimately maximize your goals as a buyer or seller. We can assist in negotiating offers and the terms of the sale, such as who handles repairs, who pays closing costs, and any timelines deemed necessary.

Other Services Our Sebastian Property Law Firm Offers Clients

We offer many services for those looking for help involving the various aspects of property law. Buyers and sellers can benefit from services we provide like the following:

Researching Properties

Our law firm can assist in researching properties if you’re looking for a home investment opportunity or selling a property. We can help you figure out the market value of the property and determine whether the property is a worthy investment.

We can also provide guidance on factors to consider before making an offer or setting a selling price. Will there be necessary modifications to meet building codes? Are repairs needed? We help you address these pertinent questions.

Facilitate Property Inspections

A real estate attorney on our team can help arrange a property inspection. Though the seller must disclose any material defects with the home or other property, having a certified inspector walk through the property will help ensure the buyer and seller are aware of any issues that need to be addressed.

It will also aid in assessing the value of the property. If major repairs are needed or health concerns exist, they can affect negotiations. You may need to place a stipulation about the required repairs and who will pay for them in the contract. Alternatively, you may want to back out of the deal. We can ensure that we include an inspection and any contingencies to stop the sale in your sale contract.

We don’t just offer Sebastian property law services, but we are also an attorney-led title company. Our attorneys can search for any title defects that could affect the transfer of ownership.

Title services include:

  • Researching the chain of title (history of ownership to discover any additional owners)
  • Performing a land survey to define the boundaries of the property
  • Searching for liens against the home or other property, such as property taxes
  • Searching for potential viable claims to the property
  • Providing title insurance to cover the purchase price of your investment in case title defects arise that threaten your ownership or sale profits after the home closes
  • Resolving title defects, if possible

Settlement Services

We can facilitate the closing of your sale. Providing closing documents, notarizing paperwork, finalizing the deed, and ensuring escrow funds are disbursed accordingly are some of the services we provide at closing.

Understanding Property Law

Property law governs who can own real estate property and personal property, how they can use that property, and the conditions of that use. There is no person who is untouched by property laws. People often think of real estate as for investors. However, everyone is involved in real estate on a daily basis, from tenants renting apartments to office professionals going to work every day.

Two Types of Tangible Property

Property law deals with both tangible and intangible property. Tangible property refers to physical items, such as land or a car, while intangible property usually refers to intellectual property, such as copyrights and patents. Intellectual property laws are distinct from the laws that govern real and personal property.

Our Sebastian property law firm can deal with issues and transactions that relate to tangible property. This broad category includes real property and personal property.

Real Property

The term real property, also called real estate, refers to a piece of land and all the structures and improvements added to it. Real property is fixed or immovable and generally permanent. Examples include houses, buildings, and plots of land.

Personal Property

Personal property is the term used for individual items that can be carried or moved from one place to the next. Personal property is generally temporary or can be easily destroyed, lost, or replaced. Things like cars, jewelry, furniture, and clothing are personal property.

Trust Lulich & Attorneys With Your Sebastian Property Law Needs

For over 35 years, Lulich & Attorneys has provided concierge-level legal services to the Sebastian community and surrounding areas. Our clients trust us to provide real estate and business solutions that meet their needs, whether they’re buying or selling a property or involved in any other circumstances requiring knowledge of property law in the Sebastian area. Reach out to a Sebastian real estate lawyer.

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