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What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know?

Our Florida Car Accident Lawyers have been dealing with Insurance Companies for over 30 years. We want to advise you what they don't want you to know.  Insurance companies, other than your own companies, are not your friend. In car accident cases, their clients are the people who caused your harm. They have two goals.

The first is to deny your claim so they don’t have to pay any liability damages. The second goal is to pay as little as possible. Insurance companies will try to show that you caused the accident. They will argue that their clients aren’t responsible. The insurance companies want to minimize your pain and suffering. They’ll say that you’re not really hurting.

Common insurance company strategies to avoid responsibility

Anyone involved in a car crash should speak with a Florida car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The attorney can explain your rights. He’ll protect your interests. Additionally, he’ll work with your insurance carrier to get your immediate medical bills paid and money for lost income. Likewise, he’ll work aggressively to forge a strong settlement or ready your case for trial.

Truths About Insurance companies:

  • Don’t want you to hire an attorney. The first thing to remember, don’t trust an insurance adjuster who says you don’t need a lawyer to settle your claim. Or says that lawyers are expensive. As a general rule, experienced Florida car accident lawyers justify their contingency fee and time. They help determine who caused the accident. Often many people are responsible. Lawyers review your long-term medical needs. They examine the long-range pain you will have. In fact, they have a record of successful verdicts that helps convince Insurance adjusters to settle claims fairly.
  • They seek to get statements and medical authorization from you to show you’re not hurt. The insurance company will have the right to question you. They will have the right to inspect your medical records. The right time for these questions and inspections though is after you have hired a lawyer. The right time is during the legal discovery process. The wrong time is when you are in a rush to settle. Consequently, Insurance companies are looking for statements and records that say – I’m fine or I was to blame. Victims should assume that everything they say to an insurance adjuster is being recorded. Therefore, they should assume every statement they give will be used to deny liability or reduce the amount they should pay.

Common Misconceptions

  • That their best offer isn’t usually their best offer. Insurance adjustors know many victims are concerned about their medical bills and income. They’ll pressure into thinking if I don’t settle now, I’ll never get paid. Florida car accident lawyers explain that you should get paid for medical bills and wages from your first-party carrier. The lawyer understands that negotiations shouldn’t start until you fully know the scope of your medical problems. Lawyers understand what settlement offers are reasonable. They understand the back and forth of negotiations. Particularly, attorneys know insurance companies don’t want to try a case before a jury when liability is clear.
  • Insurance company doctors have your best interests at heart. The insurance company will hire doctors to review your medical records. These doctors are looking for any evidence they can use against you. They’re not looking to improve your health. For example, they’ll look to see if you had a pre-existing injury. They’ll look to see if you missed appointments. Consequently, they want to know if you didn’t follow through with recommended treatments.

Some other things to know about insurance companies

Insurance companies may refuse to respond. They may say they need more time. They may deny liability when it’s clear their insured is responsible. It’s bad enough insurance companies aren’t your friend. For this reason, Florida car accident lawyers request bad faith damages if insurance act in bad faith.

Insurance companies have cost too. Defense lawyers are normally paid by the hour. Discovery and trial time can get very expensive. Additionally, hiring investigators is expensive too. An experienced Florida car accident lawyer uses this knowledge to your advantage.

Insurance companies make a lot of money through investments, not premium payments. They want to hold on to those investments by paying as little as possible.

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