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This past month has been filled with car accidents throughout the Treasure Coast. A few notable car crashes and motorcycle crashes have been extremely fatal. The death fatalities in Indian River County are at an all-time high for this year. Last year, 23 fatalities were reported from car crashes, with 5 of those fatalities being a result of pedestrian crashes. This year according to Florida Highway Patrol, as of November, there have been 23 fatalities.

Nebraska Man Killed in Car Crash – November 22, 2017

As a visitor from Nebraska was crossing 12th street, a Vero Beach resident driving a BMW crashed into him causing him to die. The pedestrian was instantly taken to the Indian River Medical Center, and then later was flown to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pierce. Several hours after the car crash, the pedestrian was declared dead.

Sebastian Motorcycle Accident – November 09, 2017

A motorcyclist had been heading east on Sebastian Boulevard when had attempted to make a left turn. As he was turning left on to Roseland Road, he was struck by a 72-year-old man in a Ford F-150, who was traveling west on Sebastian Boulevard.

Several witnesses told authorities that the Ford F-150 had a green light, as well as that he had the right of way. No injuries were reported from the passengers in the truck. However, unfortunately, the 67-year old motorcyclist lost his life Thursday morning in the motorcycle accident.

Fort Pierce Four Year Old Killed in Car Crash – November 09, 2017

It occurred at the intersection of U.S. Highway 1 and Highland Drive in Fort Pierce. A four-year-old and a five-year-old among others were traveling on U.S Highway 1 in a Saturn. In the center lane, they were headed south when the right side of the vehicle collided with the left rear side of a 1996 Ford F-150.

The investigation revealed that the driver of the Saturn lost control of her vehicle, which then led the car to roll over several times, ejecting the four-year-old child. To their dismay, the child was found dead on the scene of the accident. Authorities have said that the driver of the Saturn was driving with her driver’s license suspended when the car crash occurred.

Protect Yourself from a Car Crash

Simple things can help reduce the chances of a car accident from occurring. The four leading causes of car crashes are: 1) Distracted Driving, 2) Drunk Driving, 3) Reckless Driving, and 4) High Speed. When driving, it’s important to pull over if you are distracted. Simple things as not texting while driving can help eliminate the possibility of being involved in such fatal accidents. Additionally, don’t get behind the wheel when you have consumed alcohol. Additionally, driving carefully at an acceptable rate of speed can help keep you safe. Consider these little tips to avoid the possibility of a fatal car crash.

Free Consultations for Car Crash Victims

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