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Florida Dog Bite Laws – Lulich & Attorneys In February, a 3-year-old girl living in Florida City was attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The Mastiff mix had gotten loose from its residence and mauled the little girl, who was on the way to the grocery store with her father. The girl’s father also suffered injuries as he fought the dog off his toddler. The father and daughter were taken to the hospital to recover from the attack. Meanwhile, Florida City’s Animal Services planned to charge the owner with a set of offenses over the incident. Although incidents like this continue to happen, there are laws in place that can protect you should you face a similar situation. If you take the appropriate measures, not only can you receive compensation but you can help prevent future attacks.

Florida Dog Bite Laws

Florida has two types of dog bite laws. The first is strict liability. In terms of strict liability, a dog owner can be held liable if his or her dog harms another person regardless of how many bites it has performed. Due to owners being liable for their animal’s actions in Florida, any dog owner should take precautions that would prevent his or her dog from hurting people. The other type of Florida dog bite law is negligence. In this case, the dog owner must make sure that his or her animal is not running wild. The owner has a duty of care to the dog and other people. If it is proven that the owner did not fulfill his or her duty, then the court will side with the person who was attacked. If a dog attacks you, Lulich & Attorneys can help you get the compensation you need.

What Should You Do if a Dog Bites You?

There are a few things that experts recommend you do if a dog has bitten you.
  • Seek medical attention at either an emergency room or call 9-1-1.
  • If you choose not to go to the ER, be sure to thoroughly clean the wound with soap and water once you return home. However, if you do not go to the ER, it may be difficult to prove injuries when you go to court.
  • Contact animal control and report the dog. Once you have done that, phone the police to report the incident.
  • Obtain a personal injury lawyer who can advise you on what to do next. If you have been off work and have lost wages due to the injury, you may be entitled to compensation. Also, compensation could help you pay for your outstanding medical bills.

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If you or a loved one have been a victim of a dog bite, Lulich & Attorneys can help. Visit our page on dog bites to see how we can help you. Lulich & Attorneys can help you with all your personal injury law needs. Contact us today.