Celebration of Independence Day – Lulich & Attorneys

Celebration of Independence Day – Lulich & Attorneys

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Independence Day

July 4th marks the day that the United States finally became independent. Over 241 years ago, we marked our independence from Britain and became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Two days prior, on July 2nd, 1776, a vote took place to declare our independence. Delegates from 13 different colonies gathered together to vote “YES” to become independent. Within two days, the Articles were drafted and the “Declaration of Independence” was finally completed, thanks to its author: Thomas Jefferson. This declaration wasn’t delivered to Britain until November of 1776.

This Idea Seemed Radical

At first, this idea seemed radical. When the first ensued in 1775, a few people started to think about the idea of the colonies becoming independent from Britain. However, those who had this idea were the outcasts and weren’t taken seriously. This idea was so farfetched that no one even gave it the time of day.

How the Celebration Started

Although we (the colonies) “officially” voted to become independent from Britain on July 2nd, 1776, we celebrate Independence Day on July 4. In fact, according to PBS, Philadelphia started this tradition by “adjourning Congress and celebrating with bonfires, bells, and fireworks.” This day has been a long-lived tradition and was even formally recognized by Congress as a national holiday in 1870.

Vero Beach and Sebastian Celebrations

Lulich & Attorneys will be celebrating July 4th and we will be in the parade. The parade starts at 8:30 AM in Sebastian on Davis Street and South of Indian River Drive to Riverview Park. Look for our truck, live music, and the team as we march down the streets of Sebastian. If you are in Vero Beach, the Annual 4th of July Celebration will take place from 4:30 PM to 10:00 PM at Riverside Park.