Attention Server & Bartenders!

Attention Server & Bartenders!

Attention Servers & Bartenders:

Under Federal & State Law now permit recovery of wages that should have been paid to you but were not during your restaurant employment as a server or bartender.

If you have worked in the food & beverage industry at any time in the past 5 years, earned an hourly rate less than the Florida minimum wage, and during the course of any given shift, you were required to perform any of the following duties that totaled over 20% of your shift time:

  • Roll silverware,
  • Perform opening/closing duties,
  • Clean soda dispenser nozzles,
  • Polish glassware,
  • Work off the clock (or you did not receive overtime),
  • Brew coffee/tea,
  • Stock and restock condiments,
  • Clean/sweep, and/or
  • Complete other similar side work,

Your former employer(s) may have withheld wages that should have been paid to you.

The law states that you may be able to collect these unpaid wages from any previous employer within the last 5 years as a server or bartender. In fact, under federal law, you may be entitled to receive up to twice the amount owed to you.

I will recover these wages for you, or it will cost you nothing.

This is a painless, worry-free process. If you are interested in learning more, send me a private Facebook message, email me at, or call me at (772) 589-5500 for more information and a free evaluation.

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