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Workers Compensation Benefits – Lulich & Attorneys Workers' compensation is a benefit that provides injured or ill workers with medical bill coverage. Workers' compensation provides compensation to cover medical expenses while you are out of work, and it keeps you from worrying about how to pay for treatment. Your worker's compensation can also pay for any work retraining, physical therapy, or disability that you may have obtained from a workplace injury. According to employment experts, workplace injuries result in around $170 billion in expenses for business in the United States. Many of the injuries are real and workers need compensation to pay for the expensive treatment. However, some injuries are not so real, as in the case of one Florida woman who was caught faking a workplace injury. Regardless, workers’ compensation is an invaluable tool that can help those who desperately need support when they are unable to work.

Workers Compensation in Florida

All employers in the state of Florida are required to have workers compensation insurance in place. The insurance program will cover those workers injured on the job or too ill to work. Depending on the type of business an employer runs and the number of employees working there, the type of worker’s compensation can vary. In 2016, over 52,000 workers’ compensation claims were filed in the state. The Average number of benefits paid out was just over $19,000. Both figures were substantial decreases from 2015.

Three Requirements to Receive Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured on the job and you are seeking compensation to pay for medical expenses, there are three requirements you must meet. The first is quite clear, and that is the business you are working for must have the insurance program. If it does not, you cannot file a workers’ compensation claim. You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer, however. The second criterion you must meet is that you must be an official employee of the business. If you are not an employee, then no claim can be filed. Finally, your injury or illness must be related to the job. For example, if you work in construction, the injury you sustained must be due to an event that took place while on the job.

Non-Workers’ Compensation Covered Workers

There is a list of employees who are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance in Florida. If one of these workers is injured, he or she cannot file a claim but may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Workers that may be not covered by workers’ compensation include:
  • Farmworkers,
  • Agency workers,
  • Housekeepers,
  • Babysitters,
  • Real estate agents,
  • Seasonal workers, and
  • Illegal aliens.

When Should You Seek a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Some workers’ compensation claims can be relatively straightforward. However, not all injured or ill workers have their claims go smoothly. It is best to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer once things become strained and complicated. If your claim is denied or you do not receive your compensation quickly, a personal injury lawyer can help.

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